G41B..It stands for Building B, 4th floor, room 1 , Suite B. It’s my little 1 bedroom home away from home for this week. I am so glad I bought my time share 8 years ago. It’s just such a step up from a hotel room. I will admit that sometimes over the years I was strapped for money and questioned my decision to saddle myself with the debt especially when the economy went down the tubes. Now people are giving their time shares away. Just go to RedWeek.com to see what I mean but without the time share I wouldn’t have gone to Hawaii or Sedona or New Hampshire or made multiple trips to Florida.

I made the last payment on the Time Share this month! It’s mine now, no bank-note anymore! (mine all mine ..happy dance time!)

On this trip I am in Orlando at the Cypress Point & Grande Villas, A Diamond Resort Property. (more on that in another post). I satyed here in 2010 but had a large 3 bedroom lock off that time. This is just a little 1 bedroom.

Here’s the entrance which opens into the combo Living dining area and kitchen…a bit cramped.

But then there’s the bedroom and the huge bed. There’s a TV in both the living room / Dining room and the Bedroom.

The bathroom is also huge with two sinks and a shower and a tub. At least I know I’ll be really clean. 🙂

There’s even a little deck. It overlooks the parking lot but if I were on the other side of the building the view would be of the pool.

Exterior pictures will follow. I can’t share them here because I haven’t taken any yet!

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