My Big Announcement

I told you that I would have an announcement for you before the end of January and today’s the day. I actually had hoped to be ready by January 16 but nothing ever goes as planned.

You know I love to take pictures but in less than 2 years I have thousands! I felt there must be some way I can use these pictures because I certainly can’t put them all in albums and I know I’m not going to stop taking them.

At Christmas I made up a bunch of Christmas cards using my photos instead of buying the mass-produced kind and they were a real hit. That got me thinking. Maybe other people would like cards like that.

So I searched online and looked in stores and got ideas and decided it was worth a shot. So I am announcing my new venture:

I have a few cards in the shop now and it is open for business. I will be adding more on a regular basis. I even have a Year at a Glance calendar.

A couple of cards round out my beginning inventory. And yes , Rocky and Smokey will be on some upcoming cards too. My furry little models.:)

I hope some of you will stop by the shop especially as it grows. you never know, maybe something will catch your eye!

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