My Big Announcement

I told you that I would have an announcement for you before the end of January and today’s the day. I actually had hoped to be ready by January 16 but nothing ever goes as planned.

You know I love to take pictures but in less than 2 years I have thousands! I felt there must be some way I can use these pictures because I certainly can’t put them all in albums and I know I’m not going to stop taking them.

At Christmas I made up a bunch of Christmas cards using my photos instead of buying the mass-produced kind and they were a real hit. That got me thinking. Maybe other people would like cards like that.

So I searched online and looked in stores and got ideas and decided it was worth a shot. So I am announcing my new venture:

I have a few cards in the shop now and it is open for business. I will be adding more on a regular basis. I even have a Year at a Glance calendar.

A couple of cards round out my beginning inventory. And yes , Rocky and Smokey will be on some upcoming cards too. My furry little models.:)

I hope some of you will stop by the shop especially as it grows. you never know, maybe something will catch your eye!

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0 Responses to My Big Announcement

  1. That’s Wonderful Dusty!! Congratulations, I’m excited for you. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    I hope it works out after all I will be getting some cards for sure.

  3. Rachel T. says:

    Hi Dusty,
    There’s a typo in your post. It’s “” not “” (I know ’cause my daughter has her own little jewelry business through this site.) Congratulations and good luck!

    • Dusty Roads says:

      Oh Thank you..I seem to do that all the time ..Not a good way to get traffic to my store. How long has your daughter had her store?

      • Rachel T. says:

        My daughter’s had her etsy store just a few months. It’s geared toward a teen and young adult market. Something called “pandora” bracelets. But the competition is pretty tough with lots of crafters and she’s not getting many orders. IMHO she needs to get friends to post her link on their Facebook pages… or other social meda.
        By the way, how many note cards per box? Did I miss this on your etsy site?

        • Dusty Roads says:

          No you didn’t miss it.. I’m still working out the details. I wanted to get something on the site so right now it’s just single cards. I actually signed up for the store Dec23 accident. I was looking for more info and kept following links. And then they congratulated me on my new store! Oops . I will probably get some sets/ boxes done in February. I’m having trouble pricing them becasue I don’t want to price myself out of the market. I looked at other sites and their cards ranged from $1.95 on the low end to $5.99 on the high end, all single cards so I worked out my costs and settled on $3.95 / card. I also took the shipping from other sites for now. I think I will be able to make some adjustments for that. It’s a work in progress. 🙂

        • Dusty Roads says:

          I wish your daughter lots of luck. From what I’ve heard about the etsy sight there have been some real success stories but it does take time.