Just because I assigned a theme to 2012 doesn’t mean I can escape the urge to  look at the new year as a new start, a chance to get a “do-over” with a new  (old?) set of resolutions.

So here they are: the same old worn out chestnuts that I bring out every January. Still, if I BELIEVE this may just be the year.

#1. Be a better housekeeper!. Not perfect but just a bit more conscientious.

#2. Eat Well…not more , just more healthfully.

#3. Exercise

#4. Clean up my financial life.

#4. Above all Live Life Fully! (LLF)

You notice I didn’t say I was going to lose weight…not 10, not 30, not 100 lbs. Would I like to lose weight? Sure who wouldn’t but my effort is to focus on health not weight loss. If I can be active and feel good then I’m not going to sweat it if I’m a bit “rotund”.

Moderation in all things!

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