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Hello Guys and Gals

Sorry  I took so long getting an update in here. I still have a few more things to tell you about before we close the door on 2011 but right now I want to bring you up to date on what’s been going on while I’ve been away from these pages.

So we’re all here, Dusty, Editor in Chief Rocky, and Scout our tipster and contributing reporter, Smokey. Of course they are all my various alter egos but don’t spread that around! Talk about multiple personality syndrome!

Since we’ve been away we’ve been hashing about where we’re going with the blog and what we want to accomplish and what is a realistic goal. That was the clincher. We knew we didn’t want this to turn into an on-line diary. The intention was to write a blog that had a travel based theme. It doesn’t matter if the travel is to far away exotic locations  or the local zoo. Let’s face it, not everyone lives in New England.

Seemed like a fairly easy goal to meet. Dusty isn’t one to stay put for long but what we didn’t consider was that in addition to the time it takes to visit different places it would also take time to put our thoughts on paper (even virtual paper). Then there’s the need for a job. Yup the real world job that pays the bills and gives us the freedom to go exploring. After all , not too many things are free. Even National Parks have entrance fees and the car needs gas to go.  

We also didn’t factor in the needs of friends and family and even sometimes our need to just have some “down time”.  And that was where we were when we took our sabbatical.

There are some things on Dusty’ s plate for 2012 (we’ll be making the announcement at the appropriate time right here) that are exciting but are going to be  time-consuming . The last thing we want is to turn out a boring page just for the sake of posting something. So what we’re leading up to saying is that we’re going to cut back on the number of posts per week. To parody the expression…If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…our motto will be ..If we can’t say something interesting, we won’t post anything that day …

One of the bloggers I follow has a “Wordless Wednesday” and we love it. The camera is our passion even more than travel. We used to travel and taking pictures was a way to create a record of the trip but more and more the purpose of the trip is to get the pictures so our emphasis has clearly changed.  We always used photos a lot in our posts but you may see some “wordless” ones popping up now and again here. My thanks to Homestead Ramblings for the awesome idea!

Last week Dusty came down with a bear of a cold! It had such a kick that she was stuck in the recliner for 3 days. She couldn’t even sleep in bed at night because the minute she lay flat she would start to cough. Anyway, this has delayed quite a few excursions she had planned and the tree (oh how excited Smokey and Rocky are over the tree)has not been set up yet. Hopefully we’ll get that done this week so everyone can see how much help Rocky and Smokey can be at times like this. ( Update, after a visit to the Doctor Dusty is on antibiotics and told that she is recovering from a fine bout of pneumonia. Prognosis excellent and it’s only slowed her down a little.)

In the meantime, we’ve sprinkled a few pictures of the Taunton Green in all its seasonal glory throughout this post. We hope you’ll enjoy them and we hope you’ll keep coming back often even though we won’t be here every day.


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