Happy Thanksgiving

I may be taking a break but I wouldn’t dream of missing a chance to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. My friend here wants to remind you all to eat fish for Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂

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0 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Sandra says:

    So sorry, I prefer Turkey today. 🙂 and I am not doing the cooking either. Now that is a nice Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Nancy Centers says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.. Great turkey pic. Dawn was impressed. We are watching the Macy’s Parade on tv and making Cinnamon Rolls. The house smells yummy. We’ll see how dinner turns out an how big the

    The kids said to say Happy Thankgiving to Aunt Debbie, Rocky and Smokey! We are thankful to have you in our life!

    • Dusty Roads says:

      That’s one of the wild Turkeys that come by the office this time of year. I saw a whole parade of them crossing rt 44 this morning. unfortuately there wasn’t a safe place to stop because it would have made a great picture for the top of the blog! I am very blessed to have you and your family in my life too. I can imaging those Cinnamon Rolls…yum. Thanksgiving hugs to the kids for me:) Have a great day

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Miss Debbie!!