National Blog Posting Month

Guess What! November is National Blog Posting Month. Imagine that!  In honor of the month bloggers are encouraged to make a commitment to post everyday for the whole month. I guess it doesn’t matter if you just post a picture or a link or steal something from one of your fellow bloggers. ( Oh Oh…did I say that!) Nothing original required.

The rules of NaBloPoMo ( that’s the acronym) are simple, although the challenge is set up on an honor system. Participants are required to publish one post on their personal website or blog every day. There is no length requirement, with some posters writing long essays every day and others posting photographs and brief captions. Participants are not permitted to back post or schedule  jobs to upload posts in the future, but must actively create a post every day for the month of November.

So those rules eliminate me right off the bat. I write most of my posts  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (my days off) and schedule them to post the rest of the week. I only write posts on Thursday – Saturday when I’ve dropped the ball earlier in the week. Oops! I guess life got in the way.

You see I started this blog to share experiences and thoughts heavily weighted toward travel. Sometimes I don’t have any travel experiences to share. Then I just share what’s happening in my day-to-day life. But sometimes my day-to-day life begins to take up a lot of time and when that happens the blog suffers. (sigh)

What good is sharing experiences if you stop experiencing in order to sit at the computer all day and if you do that, where are you getting your experiences to share? (Did you get all that?)

I set a goal last January to blog daily because that’s what the gurus of blogging said needed to be done to attract readers. Within the first quarter I realized I couldn’t keep up that schedule. So I admitted defeat and revised a posting schedule of 6 days, taking off Sunday.

That worked pretty well for most of the year but as work has been getting busier and other projects are nearing completion and need wrapping up, even a 6 day posting schedule has been a stretch. So for all the bloggers out there that are going to give  the challenge a shot, my best wishes to you. Maybe I’ll join you someday but it won’t be this year!

Thanks to Fellow Blogger LadyDiBlog for tipping me off to this special month.

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