I think I’m going to the dogs

Last spring I was musing that I needed a photo project for the year (like a picture a day wasn’t enough of a project).


 I said maybe I should make a calendar…maybe a pet calender. Little did I know what was going to be involved. It’s a good thing my friend Mya is right there to keep me motivated.


I bring this up now because it’s crunch time. I’m still taking pictures of pets for the calendar and it’s November 1st! I still have  to organize and edit the final pictures and get them to the processor.


Then when I have the first copy I need to take the orders.

Daisey and Jane

It doesn’t sound like much but it seems to have bogged down a bit. I would prefer the pet owners pick their favorite pictures but only one person has been able to decide.


In any event, it has been an adventure but I’m glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not sure how much time the final stages will take but it’s possible that it could impact this space if I run short on time. Just a little “heads up”.


If you want to check out some of the pet portraits they are on my photo website  www.dustyroadsphotos.com


Still more pets to come and many, many more shots!

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