Drum Roll Please!

The winner of the New Hampshire Dream Vacation Photo contest has been announced and I couldn’t agree more with the choice. It’s a beautiful photo.


Grand Prize Winner:

Linda Adamczyk of Simsbury, Conn. won the contest for her photo of her husband and daughter enjoying the view of a sunset over Lake Todd in Bradford, N.H. with Mount Sunapee in the background.

The “I Love it Here” sign was propped up next to two candles overlooking the lake.

Linda Adamczyk

Enjoying a Sunrise/Sunset

View of Mt. Sunapee from Lake Todd

As you know I entered late and this was a contest that  definitely weighted with  the popular vote. At the time I uploaded my meager offerings the leaders had 6-7 thousand votes.  I entered for the experience. It forced me to explore the remote release on the camera and use the tripod. Two things I hadn’t done much of. So even though I wasn’t the lucky winner, I feel it was a great experience.

If they run the contest again next year and if I chose to try that one again, I have a much better understanding of what needs to be done and one of the big things besides having a beautiful picture is to upload early and have a very active social network.

So congratulations to Linda. It’s a wonderful picture and definitely worthy of the Grand Prize!

Interested in the other winners? You can see them all at http://nhdreamvacation.com/

A great job was done by all!

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