King Richard’s Faire

It’s that time of year again or rather it’s been that time of year for a few weeks. Every fall for the last 30 years Carver, Ma has been the place to go for Knights and Pages, Royal Maidens and Wenches, Acrobats and Beggars, Kings and Queens.

So…..Hear Ye, Hear Ye

All ye Lords and Ladies of the Realm.

We are about to embark on a journey to the medieval past where knights are jousting, beggars begging and the Court Jester entertains us all!

King Richard’s Faire started running weekends September 3rd and as I work weekends I usually miss it. But I do get one chance and that is on the long holiday weekend of Columbus Day. The Faire is open on that Monday. I have been several times over the years and always enjoy myself but I’m not as dedicated as some folks are.

The Renaissance themes are popular all over the country. In Boston we have a year round restaurant called Medieval Manor. If you enjoy eating in a rowdy atmosphere with your hands you can have a great time watching the actors and performers…just don’t leave for the restroom without asking the King for permission…just a hint.

 Almost every place I’ve visited has a Faire or a Restaurant or some other attraction. It seems that jousting and medieval hijinks doth capture the mind of the masses. 🙂

Florida has one that I’ve been curious about for quite awhile called Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, Orlando Castle. Maybe I should include that on my next trip to Orlando. But today I am still in the northeast, in Massachusetts, just down the road from Carver, Ma.

Me thinks I’m about ready to step into my time machine and go back….back….back…….

Stay tuned for the next installment of Back to the Dark Ages

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