Vacation Travel Philosophy

When I started this blog I said it was Sights, Scenes and Travel of an everyday person.  The intention was that you could follow along with my adventures and mishaps as I began to get my travel legs. I did not then nor now feel that I am an expert although I’m a lot more seasoned than I was. 🙂

When I travel with my sister and we get misdirected (aka lost) she laughs and says  “We’re not lost, we’re “sight-seeing”. And  what a great idea that is. Why do we care when we’re on vacation if we get twisted around a little? Unless we’re trying to make it to a Tour, we have all day. We never would have had our little adventure on the Longest Dirt Road In the World if we’d been worried about getting a little lost..oops , misdirected.

In Hawaii we went looking for a green sand beach. We never found it but we found the Southernmost Point and some beautiful sights we would have missed if we hadn’t taken that detour.

I ran across another travel quote that I think needs to be added to our travel lexicon. Rita Rudner is credited with this gem: “I never panic when I get lost. I just change where it is I want to go.”

I love it and I have done it!  Sure takes the stress out of traveling!

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