I was just thinking of Hawaii..

The other day I took off to Narragansett. It was a spur of the moment thing. I’ll tell you about the drive and the awesome bridge another time. It was one of the nice warm fall days that makes you think it’s still summer and there was a little surf. Actually there was more surf than we saw at anytime while we were in Hawaii.

There were surfers too and I think that’s what got me thinking about Hawaii…this time. I think about Hawaii a lot. The funny thing is that when I suggested our first trip it was more because my Mom had mentioned going with “us girls” someday. It was sort of “ok, I have this time share and you said you wanted to go to Hawaii so..let’s go.” Planning the trip was fun but if I were really honest with myself, I would admit that as the trip neared I wasn’t excited. I was trying to put on a good front but of the 3 I would bet I was the least enthusiastic.

As is the way things usually work out, I was the one bitten by the islands..BIG TIME! You know the song…I left my heart in San Francisco? Well I left my heart in Hawaii.

I’ve been twice. Once to the Big Island with its barren volcanos and dry desert-like Kona District. And of course there’s Kilauea. Fascinating and amazing, I loved everything about Volcano National Park.

I also loved the wet side of the island. The lush rainforest with ocean views, 400 ft waterfalls, and tropical blooms.

 I hated to leave and I couldn’t stay away. I came home only to start planning my return.

My 2nd trip was to Oahu. We stayed in Honolulu 4 blocks from Waikiki. We looked for the famous surf but the seas were flat, flat, flat. Not being a surfer myself I was only disappointed in not seeing the surf. I doubt I would have tried it but I did go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, something not to be missed even if snorkeling isn’t normally your “thing”. The water is shallow and warm and the sea life  plentiful. Best of all you are in the protected harbor of a collapsed volcanic crater!

Of course if you are in Honolulu you have to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

That was worth the whole trip and I was hesitant to go. I knew it would be emotional, that it would touch me deeply, and I was right. Still it was worth the sadness I felt over all those we lost to see the beautiful memorial in a beautiful, peaceful place.

Finally. on the last day of our visit the surf came up..a little. There were a few die-hard surfers trying to catch a wave off Diamond Head. They were so far away they were little more than specks.

So here I was in Narragansett and there  were the surfers. Still no gigantic waves but they were waves and they were long  lasting enough that the surfers were out for a good time. I guess the waves don’t have to be huge to give you a good ride.

 And I guess you don’t have to be in Hawaii to take a mini vacation there! It’s an Aloha State of Mind.


Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Can’t wait to get to Maui! That’s the next Island on my bucket list.

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