Mother Nature’s Message?

This is a little bit off my usual theme but I was watching the late news the other night and the weatherman (yes, it was a man) was commenting on the activity in the tropics and then mentioned that it is snowing in northern parts of Canada. He then went on to say that the most recent copy of the Farmer’s Almanac was out with the predictions for another hard winter.

His comments got me thinking of how “Mother Nature” had been in the news a lot this year or maybe I’ve just noticed it more. There are reality programs about tornadoes and tornado chasing (I wonder if I’d have the nerve to go on one of those trips for vacation?) that have become very popular over the past few years. The debate on Global warming continues while volcanos shut down air traffic with their ash clouds.

Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachman even wants us to think that at least some of the recent natural disasters are a message from God. In late August while speaking at a political rally in Florida she said: “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane…” Yes she was joking but maybe she has a point.

Have you heard of the Gaia hypothesis? I’ve always liked this theory. It appeals the primitive part of me that has a deep respect and affection for nature…not that I’d want to give up all of my modern conveniences…just make them more energy-efficient.  But anyway the Gaia hypothesis proposes that all organisms and their inorganic surroundings on Earth are closely integrated to form a single and self-regulating complex system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. ( This is the definition listed on Wikipedia)

The Gaia Theory first showed up in the 1970’s and received a great deal of ridicule by the scientific community. How things have changed. Scientific investigation of the biosphere, the salinity of the oceans, global surface temperature, Ozone, oxygen levels and so on have developed into a number of earth sciences. There are even some religious offshoots connected with the theory.

Some of those treat the earth as a living organism and liken hurricanes and tornadoes and other natural disruptions as the mother earth trying to cleanse itself. Well, far be it from me to offer any opinion on that theory but  the Jesus Blog has listed the natural disasters so far this year:

  • Earthquake magnitude 6.9 Argentina-January 1
  • Earthquake magnitude 5.2 – Southern XinJiang, China-January 1
  • Earthquake 7.1 magnitude Chile-January 2
  • More Than 1,000 Dead Birds Fall From Sky in Arkansas-January 2
  • Dead fish cover 20-mile section of Arkansas River-January 2
  • Uganda yellow fever outbreak kills more than 40-January 3
  • Earthquake Near Japan Triggers Tsunami Warning-January 3
  • Powerful earthquake hits south-east Iran-January 3
  • Earthquake 7.0 magnitude hits northern Argentina-January 3
  • Hundreds of dead blackbirds found in Louisiana-January 3
  • 10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba-January 3
  • Thousands of Birds fall from the sky in South America-January 3
  • Major Flood in Rockhampto,Australia-January 3
  • Dead Birds Found In Kentucky-January 4
  • 100 tons of dead fish wash up on Brazil’s shores-January 4
  • Hundreds of dead birds found in East Texas-January 5
  • Dead birds in Sweden, millions of dead fish in Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand-January 5
  • Shift of Earth’s magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport-January 5
  • 40,000 crabs found dead on England beaches-January 6
  • Heavy floods leave at least 35 dead in Brazil-January 6
  • Earthquake 4.5 magnitude in California-January 12
  • Huge Waves Destroy Homes in E. Indonesia-January 12
  • Thousands of marine animals found dead  in MATO GROSSO DO SUL/AMAZON Region-Febuary 4
  • Magnitude 6.3 earthquake– SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND-Febuary 21
  • Thousands of dead fish have washed up at Sebastian Inlet State Park Florida-Febuary
  • Millions of small fish including anchovies, sardines and mackerel were found dead at King Harbour area at Redondo Beach, California-March
  • Magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami devastating Japan-March 11
  • 40ft section of California Highway falls into Pacific Ocean-March 16
  • Magnitude 3.5 earthquake – OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-March 17
  • Magnitude 6.5 earthquake– Vanuatu- March 17

  • Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes northeastern Burma-March 23
  • Magnitude 6.8 earthquake hits Myanmar, Thailand-March 23
  • Magnitude 6.4 earthquake off the coast of Japan-March 25
  • Thousands of dead fish wash up in Florida-March 25
  • Hundreds of dead fish found in Midland,Texas-March 26
  • Hundreds of dead fish and frogs in Marquette Lagoon-April 1
  • Magnitude 5.4 earthquake in South Sandwich Islands Region-April 1
  • Magnitude 6.4 earthquake Fiji-April 3
  • Magnitude 6.7 earthquake in South of Java,Indonesia-April 3
  • Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits Veracruz,Mexico-April 7
  • Dead birds fall into Kansas yard-April 8
  • Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits shore of Japan-April 7
  • Dead fish found in Cedar Creek, Texas-April 10
  • Magnitude 6.5 and 6.2 earthquakes hit eastern Japan-April 11
  • Dead fish float up in 36 lakes in the state of Connecticut-April 
  • Deadly Tornadoes hit N. Carolina and Virginia, at least 47 dead-April 16
  • Thousands of dead fish are hauled away in Lakeside,NY-April 27
  • A massive thunderstorm front spawned 137 tornadoes, killed at least 180 people, and mangled sections of Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Huntsville, Alabama-April
  • Dead fish wash up in San Tan Heights pond-May
  • Deadly Tornado hits Albany, New Zealand, at least 1 death-May 3
  • Major Mississippi flooding, destroys many homes-May
  • Dead fish found in Valsad district of south Gujarat-May 3,4
  • 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake hits Papua New Guinea, Tsunami warning-May 15
  • Iceland’s Grimsvotn Volcano erupts,followed by small earthquakes-May 21
  • Deadly Tornadoes hit Minneapolis and Missouri-May 22
  • Deadly Tornadoes hits Oklahoma City-May 24
  • Chedeng exits Philippines, leaves 3 dead-May 28
  • 800 tons of dead fish float ashore in Philippine fish farms-May 29
  • At least 10,000 metric tons of fish dead in Bolinao and Anda waters in Pangasinan-May 31
  • Deadly tornado hits Springfield, Massachusetts-June 1
  • Dead fish found in Ogeechee River-June 3
  • Dead fish wash up in Bulacan and Ilocos Sur-June 4
  • Volcano erupts in Chile for the first time in 50 years-June 6
  • Massive wildfires in Arizona,claimed more than 30 homes-June 8
  • 6.0, 5.5 and 4.4 Magnitude Earthquakes hit Christchurch,NZ-June 11,12
  • Hundreds of dead fish float up in Delco Lake,Creek-June 15
  • Buildings,trees and mountains miraculously appear in a China lake (no explanation)-June 17
  • 40 Tornadoes rip through Nebraska,Kansas-June 21
  • 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake hits Fox Islands,Aleutian Islands,Alaska-June 24
  • Massive dust storm hits Pheonix-July 5 
  • 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake hits New Zealand-July 7
  • 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake hits northeastern Japan-July 9
  • 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake hits Philippines-July 11
  • Hundreds of fish found dead in lake in Kuantan-August 9
  • A ton of dead fish found in River Segura-August 9
  • Large number of fish found dead in Central China River-August 12
  • 5.3 earthquake hits Colorado-August 22
  • 5.9 earthquake hits Virgina, jolts NY and Carolinas-August 23
  • Hurricane Irene hits SC,NC,VA-August 26,27
  • Deadly Typhoon hits Taiwan and China-August 29
  • 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake hits Alaska-September 2
  • 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake hits Argentina-September 2
  • 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits Vanuatu-September 3
  • 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake hits Northern Sumatra, Indonesia-September 5
  • 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake hits Vancouver-September 9
  • Floods in Pennsylvania-September 10
  • Texas Fire destroys 1,554 homes, 17 people missing-September 11

Whew! I’m glad they are tracking these and not me. But If the Gaia theory has any validity, and some mainstream scientists are starting to take note, I’d say we have a sick planet and we’d better start helping out. Break out the antibiotics for the earth or something! My sister and I need to get to Alaska before the glaciers melt!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Yes we do need to get there before the glaciers melt. We are in a constant weather change and it has been going on for thousands of years. Mother earth will have the last say.

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  3. Preston says:

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