Smokey’s home from the Vet

The news is all good at least for now. Due to  Smokey’s age he is starting to develope kidney problems. This is not unusual in older cats but there was no infection or anything like that. For now he is in the early stages and all are going to do is make some adjustments in his diet to try to reduce the stress on the kidneys.

He will have to have another blood panel in 6 months to monitor any changes so we can stay on top of it. As the condition progresses there are medications that can be introduced but we don’t have to go that route yet.

Rocky was happy to have his buddy home and calm seems to have returned to the household.

You can see Smokey’s picture in the gallery of Yankee Magazine’s cutest cat in New England photo contest. Rocky’s is there too.

Thanks for all the well wishes and support. Hopefully Smokey has a few more good years ahead of him.

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