Taking Responsibility

I saw a great quote while I was on Facebook the other day.. I reposted it as my status and I’d like to address is a bit more here.

“I’ve arrived at this outermost edge of my life by my own actions. Where I am is thoroughly unacceptable. Therefore, I must stop doing what I’ve been doing.”
Alice Koller

What caught my eye about this quote is that I need to accept responsibility for where I am in my life and if I want something different then I am going to¬†have to change or make changes. That’s something I am slow or even resistant to doing.

I may not be happy with everything in my life but I am content and as secure as I can be in these uncertain times. But some changes need to be made as retirement is looming on the horizon and I am not ready financially. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than ready mentally! ūüôā

So I am stuck “working for the man” in a less than satisfying position just to pay the bills.¬† Granted there are many¬† people less fortunate than I am who would give anything for my position¬†and ¬†I am not unaware¬†of this. So I need to get myself motivated to develop other skills that will open doors to another alternative.

Health: Oh I have been so lazy! I have let myself go. As I have gotten older I have exercised  less and eaten more. The result a very rotund body accompanied by joint aches and pains and other weight related illnesses. This is definitely within my power to correct. I can get myself off the couch!

There are a lot¬†of benefits to getting in shape. I can get back to activities that I’ve put on the back burner…scuba diving, kayaking & canoeing, and hiking to name just a few. I do a little hiking¬†and I use the term hiking¬†loosely.¬†It’s more like casual walking. The flume gorge hike was a good example of how out of¬† shape I’ve gotten.

So the bottom line is that I need to address my current skill level and get myself to the gym. Since I’ve put it out to the public like this I guess I’ll have to live up to my goals now.

Just think, with a nice slim figure that’s not just thinner but stronger too, I’ll be able to have all that many more adventures to share with everyone here.

That was then:

This is Now:

Where will I be in 6 months?


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