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Oh no! Labor Day has come and gone and I missed it! I was working! Maybe that’s why they call it Labor Day. Believe it or not the first big Labor Day in the US was celebrated September 5, 1882. Oregon was the first state to make it a holiday 5 years later in 1887. It became Federal Holiday in 1994 and by then 30 states were celebrating the day.

Although Labor Day was meant to support and celebrate the Labor movement it is more likely to be thought of as the symbolic end of the summer with cookouts and parties. It is also the date when fashionable women stop wearing white.

Speaking of fashionable women, my friend Diane is going to try her hand at blogging. Was it really just about a year ago that I took the plunge? I love her concept of a Saturday Morning Coffee Klatch. I hope you’ll check out her site and encourage her along.

I had to stop at Walmart last night on my way home. As I entered the store I followed a young man who was wearing the baggiest pants I have ever seen. They were below his “butt”! I kept waiting for them to fall right down around his ankles and leave him standing there in his boxers. They had a blue print by the way. He certainly wasn’t leaving anything to the imagination. I may be an old fogey because I was offended. It made me angry that his parents/family would let him out of the house like that so I was thrilled to hear that Florida has outlawed Baggy Pants on Campus, including high schools. Belts are even being issued to hold the pants up!

And my last observation for this post is the Postal Service. I just heard that they will be bankrupt in 30 days. They apparently have some loans and are about to default on them unless Congress bails them out. The news spot went on to say that the Post Office is prepared to eliminate Saturday Service, close a whole bunch of offices and reduce their workforce by 1/3. The postal workers have a union and their union contract includes a “no lay off clause”.  I can see where this is going to go. Are you ready for a postal worker’s strike?

That almost makes me want to comment on the Verizon situation but I said the Postal Service headline would be my last observation for this post so before I get myself in trouble I think I will close this out. 🙂

Bye Bye Summer

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