Irene, The Aftermath

Taunton MA had it easy. A few down trees and some short-lived power outages. My lights, cable, phone, and internet were all up and running most of Sunday even during the height of the storm. No food spoiling in the fridge or defrosting in the freezer.

My gas and hot and cold running water were uninterrupted. I am very, very lucky.

Parts of Massachusetts are still without electricity 3 days after the storm. Some people are even being told that service won’t be restored until possibly the weekend. None of the other utility  services (cable, internet and VOIP phones)  can come back online until the electricity is back on. National Grid says they have crews helping from as far away as Colorado. Funny thing, nobody has seen them. I saw 1 National grid truck today ( Wednesday) and I drove from Taunton to Plymouth then explored the Plymouth waterfront before driving to Hingham. That drive took me through multiple communities.

But I’m sure all the football fans will be relieved that Foxboro Stadium, Home of The New England Patriots has their power back so the game can go on, even if you can’t watch it because your power is off so your TV won’t work.

I drove around a little on Monday too just to see what I could  see. I traveled through Easton, Brockton and Raynham., areas that I know were hard hit and without power.  No National Grid trucks in sight on Monday.

Work was testament to the areas hit hardest. Over and over the technicians went to calls of down wires and out of service customers only to find live electrical lines lying on the ground. There was nothing they could do. We have to wait for the electric company.

Remember the old TV show “Car 54 where are you?”  I think the title of this show is “National Grid , Where are you?” I can’t help wondering what it would be like if the storm had blown in with the power that was originally predicted.

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