Tropical Storm Irene

It was supposed to be a Hurricane and Miss Irene certainly did enough damage as she rolled up the East Coast. Here in Taunton we fully expected to get slammed. My office in Plymouth actually closed and shifted the work to other locations so I got an unexpected day off with pay.

By the time Irene reached us on Sunday it had been downgraded to a tropical storm. Even so she left her mark. I was lucky. One neighbor had a tree come down on their car. Another had a huge tree come down in their yard. That tree was so big is covered the yard and blocked the street.

Give credit where credit is due…the police and fire department responded in the storm and cleared the road.

The rain came first. Torrential downpours that came in bands, almost like an ebb and flow. Once the rain moved on the winds started. Highland St was first flooded then the tree came down and blocked it.

I saw the tree limb come down on my neighbor’s car. It was surreal. It looked like it was slow motion even though it wasn’t. I would have thought it was my imagination but another neighbor asked me if I’d seen it come down. His comment was “I saw it and it looked just like it was in slow motion.”

But even with the downed trees and power outages that we have it could have been worse. Vermont’s rivers are flooding and washing out roads and bridges. A ski lodge has collapsed and the guests are stranded because the roads off the mountain are washed out.

Lake George in New York, the area where I grew up, has overflowed into the Village of Lake George. I don’t think I can ever remember that happening.

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When I thought I was going to have to go to work I’d planned to try to get down to the ocean, one of the beaches or some such vantage point to get some pictures but when they called and told me to stay home I took their advice. So no award winning photos to share from this storm. Just a few local shots.

P. S. Still time to vote in the NH dream vacation photo contest!

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