New Hampshire Dream Vacation Images

I reviewed the website and official rules. The Grand Prize is a $2,500 vacation. There are 2 first prizes each for a $500 NH vacation. The pictures have to be uploaded all at once and the deadline is September 5, 2011. That means I have no chance for a “do- over” or to hit the state line attractions. Work has launched into it’s Fall-Rush mode so we’re all working overtime for the next 3-4 weeks.

A lot of pictures have been uploaded already and the current leader has 15,751 votes! I have a feeling I’m not going to get an honerable mention but it’s fun browsing and seeing what other’s have done. I’ll have a better idea for next year. Plus I’ll have to work on my networking skills. I’m really blown away over that number 15,751!

The 2nd place picture at the moment has 6, 525 votes. After that the vote levels starts to be more realistic..the third place in the popular vote as of today has 2.008 votes.

I was also told by a volunteer at one of the locations that there are a couple of groups that have rented busses and are going around taking pictures to submit. They said there was over 100 in one of the groups. Wow. If they win I wonder how they will divide up the prize?

I think to garner lots of votes it’s good to upload your photos early in the contest. So my meager offerings are here so you can see them. I’ll upload them next week but you are getting a sneak preview.

Once they are uploaded, I’ll post the link . I hope you’ll vote for at least one of mine. 🙂

As you can see, I missed a lot of opportunities. My vacation photos were much better, like the Cog Railroad and the Flume gorge or the Cannon Mountain Tram. The problem was remembering to bring that sign. So like I said , there’s always next year. I have a better idea about the contest now.

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