Cog Railway Photo Has Been Submitted

First I want to thank you for all your feedback and help in picking the  photo to submit to the Cog Railway Photo Contest.

This contest seems to be a little different from others that I’ve entered. They don’t have a place to upload a photo. It has to be submitted by email. So that means there’s no link for a “public” vote. If I get a reply I’ll update everyone.

The poll showed a bunch of “ties” but I also send the pictures around my office so when those votes were added in the winner by 1 vote was  # 4.

Almost everyone who chose this picture gave their reason as that “it looks like it’s about to fall off the mountain.” So with that in mind, I captioned the photo Over The Edge.

Now that it’s submitted it’s on to the NH Dream Vacation Photos. Truthfully, they weren’t as much fun as this contest and I think it shows in the pictures. For that contest I can submit 5 photos. Now that I’m back home I can think of so many missed opportunities. I’d forget to bring the sign along and then there’d be a gorgeous photo. I took the picture but I can’t use it for the contest because I didn’t have the sign…bummer LOL

Well I’ll start getting those photos ready this week and in the meantime if anyone wants to checkout the Cog railway the web link is

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