Winslow Animal Sanctuary

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Winslow Animal Sanctuary

 Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary is located at 37 Eddy St, Norton , Ma. The farm is a non-profit that cares for abused and neglected animals.

There are many cats, a couple of dogs, swans, geese , ducks, goats, horses, mules, alpacas, at least one peacock and a turkey that avoided the  Thanksgiving dinner table. We can’t forget the pigs and sheep and chickens either. Plus I saw a rabbit and doves too.

The farm is a forever home sanctuary. Animals that come here are guaranteed a home for the rest of their lives.

 The animals are lovingly cared for by a team of volunteers. Many of the animals come to the sanctuary after being abused by their former owners and need to learn to trust again.

It is a testament to the caring and hard work being done by the volunteers that all of the animals I encountered in my visit were friendly and even affectionate to me, a stranger.

It’s hard to believe that such trusting creatures could have been abused and still retain faith in humans.

Winslow Farm was established in 1996 as a home for abused animals.

 It opened it doors to the public in 1997 as an animal farm to give the public a chance to interact with the animals. The farm hopes to educate the public on the plight of abused and neglected  animals as well as teach about general animal care.

 It’s also a chance for the animals to learn that there are “good” humans too.

I really enjoyed my visit there and know for sure I’ll be going back often.

 I love all animals but the ones that seemed to seek me out were the cats. They were all so sweet and cuddly.

 Maybe they sensed I have  two cats of my own. I don’t know but they are wonderful.

  With over 200 animals to care for I am sure that my paltry admission fee of only $7.00 is much-needed.

 In addition, the farm offers a AAA discount taking a dollar off that minimal fee. I think my next visit I’ll keep the AAA card in my pocket. Let the farm have the extra  dollar.

The farm is available for parties and events.

 They also appreciate donations. With all the charities looking for support today it’s hard to figure out which ones are  deserving. Well, I think I’m going to throw some of my support here.

It’s a little operation that can easily fall through the cracks and they are doing good work.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I should let the pictures tell the story.

The official website is

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