A bit of this and a bit of that

More Great White sightings off Chathem, Ma on Cape Cod. Seems like there’s a new report of sightings every day. The most recent was 150 yards off Monemoy Island. That’s about 1 1/2 foot ball fields. I so want to see one!

The Barnstable Fair is this weekend. Traffic is going to be at a stand still on the Cape. I won’t go looking for Great Whites this week!

A friend of mine just got back from vacation and immediately was out sick for a week. I spoke to him today and asked if he was feeling better. He said yes, thankfully. He had food poisoning from eating lobster! I said where did you get the bad lobster so I don’t go there, of course  I was thinking it was local. His answer was not to worry because he was in New Hampshire. Oh Oh…I’m going to New Hampshire so I told him I was heading to Waterville Valley. His response was “WATERVILLE VALLEY! THAT’S WHERE I WAS!”

Well, he couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant but he gave me detailed directions to the restaurant not so I could find it but so I could avoid it and said do not eat the lobster there.

My co-worker Nick who went to Ireland has gone off on a Mediterranean cruise to Greece so I still haven’t hooked up with him to get his Ireland story for you.

I’m having dinner at Diane’s house on Tuesday. Diane told me about her trip to Mexico and let me share it with you. Maybe I can get her to tell me some more stories!

I tell everyone that I’m not interested in international travel but it did occur to me that there are certain areas that I would love to see.



Costa Rica

The Amazon

Alaska is domestic and I’m still working on that trip. Goal…2012 late August or early Sept.

I  miss my kitties when I travel. I don’t think they miss me. They like their pet sitter a lot.

So how scary was that? A glimpse into the way my mind works. As you can see my little brain jumps all over the place. Hopefully something with a bit more substance will pop into it before Monday rolls around. Maybe I should let “Scout” or “Rocky” do that post.

Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

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