Planning the New Hampshire Vacation

I started looking into the things to do in New Hampshire when I head there the end of the month. I don’t want to give away my ideas for the photo contest but I don’t mind sharing some of the things I am considering. I had most of these on my list before I ever heard of the photo contest.

This past spring while trying to get pictures of the whales off shore on Cape Cod I met a vacationer who told me about the Moose Tours. He showed me pictures he’s taken of moose so that is high on my list of things to do. My online research shows there are a number of outfits offering these tours but I think I will be loyal to the guy I met on the cape and use the outfit he works for.

The Time Share where I am staying is the Valley Inn at Waterville Valley so I will be using that as the base of operations.

I found a reference to a waterfall near Waterville Valley called Sabbaday Falls. It says it’s off the  Kancamangus Highway which is awesome. I have the directions so that is on my list.

At Cannon Mountain there’s the Flume Gorge and The Aerial Tramway. Both sound like great opportunities for some amazing photos. I can’t wait to check them out.

I also pulled up the Mount Washington Cog Railway in my online research. I am not going to hike Mount Washington and I don’t want to put my car through the drive up. I’ve seen those bumper stickers that say “This car drove Mount Washington.” Maybe if it was newer but I’m having enough trouble keeping up with its aches and pains. I’m not going to add to it by pushing it up a mountain. If I get to the top of Mount Washington it will be on the Cog Railway!

I also heard about the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves.  The online information says there’s a board walk as well as more “ambitious” routes.

Any suggestions of not to be missed places within reasonable driving distance from Waterville Valley?

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  1. We enjoyed the cog railway up to Pike’s Peak, it was nice. Your vacation sounds sweet. May I ask what type of camera do you use? I’m thinking of upgrading from my point and shoot to an slr. From what I gather, it’s mostly about the type of lens more than the basic camera?

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I have a nikon D3000 camera. I use the kit lens alot and have a small telephoto , 55-200. They aren’t the best lenses but they are what I can afford right now. The D3000 was the entry level Nikon a couple fo years ago. They have a newer version out now. The big name today seems to be Canon. Most of the people I know either have a Canon or a Nikon and both sides are really split. The Nikons have the Vibration reduction in the lenses which makes them more expensive. I have 1 friend that is using a Sony. It’s a bit less expensive but certainly does a nice job. The link to my friend’s photos is on my blog list..Jr’s photography blog. My best advice is to hold the camera, take some pretend pictures and see how it feels in your hands, the weight of it etc. To me the most important thing was that it felt comfortable. The rest I figure I can learn. It’s alot of fun. I do have 2 Point and shooots to. Sometimes smaller is better 🙂

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I bet the cog railway up Pikes Peak was really something. Hopefully I’ll get there on some travels down the line. There’s so many places I want to see and experience.

      • Thanks for the info Dusty, I appreciate it. I’m leaning towards a Nikon or Canon, used if I can find one.

        • Dusty Roads says:

          You can check B&H photos. Just google it and it should come right up. They are very reputable and sometimes have used cameras and lenses. If you have a local camera store they might have some that they may have taken as trade in too.