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Editor in Chief


Good morning

Editor in Chief Rocky here to give you an update on today’s post. It will be delayed. In fact postponed might be a better way of describing it. Dusty is working on a post about the Cape Cod National Seashore but she’s been working on it for ages and she still hasn’t got it ready. With her work schedule she just hasn’t been able to prepare anything for today.

I have given her a deadline so maybe she will have a post ready for Monday. Now that gets a bit complicated because Monday is the 4th of July, Independence day and she is working!

In fact the next week looks very rough. Scout might have something in the works but I’m not sure. He ran off to visit with his distant relatives at the Franklin Park Zoo. So we’ll have to ask him when he gets back.

Wednesday Dusty’s car is back in the shop. Vapor line this time and Thursday Dusty will be back to work at the job that actually pays the bills around here. So it looks like the only day for rounding up interesting tidbits will be Tuesday. I think you can see that we may not make our publishing deadlines this week.

I do want to assure you that the whole staff, Dusty, Scout and of course, Me your Editor are dedicated to keeping a regular schedule of posts so we will persevere and hopefully won’t be too unreliable this week. Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you


Editor in Chief

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