Award Winner

WOW I am speechless! I mean it. I don’t know what to say! Blog awards…who knew!

I want to thank Patti from for even thinking of me. I’m so new to this blogging business that I’m still green or wet behind the  ears or a tenderfoot or any other of many names used to describe someone who is just learning the ropes.

I love blog. I look forward to getting my email saying there is a new post from her. Her posts have such beautiful photos and her descriptions and stories always touch me. Her Father’s Day post was especially beautiful since I lost my father many years ago. I hope her father has a speedy recovery and they have the chance for many more photo walks! I hesitate to add comments a lot of the time because they seem trivial after such heartfelt accounts. Way to go, Patti!

Now onto this award thing.:) I don’t have 15 blogs to follow. I work full-time and my blog keeps me running the rest of the time. I follow 2 blogs besides I wish I had time to follow more but  I will gladly tell you about these 2 and I certainly think they deserve the Versatility Award!

The first blog I found was Homestead Rambling’s. The first post was about the Civil War. About that time I was doing a blog on Lexington and Concord and the role of that area in the Revolutionary War. It seemed to just fit with the type of posts I was doing and it was so  nicely written. I subscribed immediately. Since then I see she is a very versatile writer covering many areas of interest and philosophy. She is a strong Christian writer but also makes it clear that she is down to earth as well. Love her cell phone challenges. I can so see myself in them. Her blog is I would award this blog the Versatile Blogger Award because of the many subjects she covers in her posts.

The other blog I really like is Now this blog can be sweet when he talks about his children, Thing 1  and Thing 2 or he may talk about bugs like fireflies/lightning bugs or more recently pay tribute to the passing of a great musician. This is an awesome blog! Again, so much versatility! That’s the award here.

There only seems to be 3 categories, The versatile Blogger, the Stylish Blogger and the irresistible Sweet Blog and it seems that the blogs I subscribe to all fall in the Versatile Blogger Category. So my congrats to them. I hope you try out their blogs!

Now the last part of the award is that the recipient has to tell 7 things not readily known about themselves. That’s a hard one to because I’m pretty much an open book and if I haven’t shared then I really didn’t want to, but let me think….

  1. I turned 60 this year and finally gave in and let AARP convince me to join.
  2. I hate talking politics. I have my views and consider them personal and private so you probably won’t get too many controversial posts in that regard.
  3. Most people think of me as a cat person but I really love all animals. I chose to share my home with cats because they fit my lifestyle. In a different world I might surround myself with dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, ferrets, sheep, goats etc. (even goldfish) Maybe I should have been a zoo keeper! I admire Jungle Jack Hanna!
  4. In my younger days I loved to scuba dive and still adore the snorkeling and swimming.
  5. When I retire I want to travel the USA in an RV and see all the places I’ve missed.
  6. I like being single.
  7. I am considering getting my motorcycle license.

Well, I think that sums it up. I am honored to even be considered in the same breath with the other recipients of the award and hope you’ll check out my suggestions. Thanks again to!

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