Watson Pond State Park

Watson Pond State Park is a little gem of a park located on Bay St  in Taunton. It’s close proximity to  RT 495 makes access easy and is a popular spot for families. The park is open seasonally with a small admission fee of $5.00 . The park will open for the season on Memorial Day so right now you can get in for free and there isn’t too much use.

In my travels yesterday I found myself driving by the park.  The weather was a “mixed-bag”. The sun was shining and it felt warm until the wind started to blow. The wind was quite strong and very brisk if not downright cold but I decided to stop in for a quick look around. The gates were open to allow access to the parking area.

The park is a beautiful little park consisting of 10 acres of pond, forest, swimming and picnic area. The beach is small, about only 300 ft of sand but on a hot day that little patch of sand and shore is always packed.

 There are swings and a jungle gym for children to play on as well as picnic tables and fireplaces.

There were a few families here enjoying the sunshine even if it was a bit  too cool for swiming. That water looked really cold.

 As  sat at one of the tables near the water I was surprised by a little goose family as they paddled by. When the wind blew it actually seemed to push the geese along. The parents kept a close eye on the little goslings closing ranks when the water got too choppy.

I think I saw a Baltimore Oriole flitting from tree to tree.  I’ve never seen one of those  in the wild, just pictures in bird books. When I spotted it I thought “now there’s a pretty bird. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those before.” I was trying to manuver around to get a picture when a kid on a mountain bike came barreling past and it was gone in an instant. I didn’t see which direction it went so even though I looked around for it I couldn’t find it again. When I got home I looked for the best match I could find in my bird book and I do think it was the Baltimore Oriole. Maybe I’ll get another look next time.

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    • Those little goslings were sure cute. I had my back to them and just happened to turn aound in time to see them. It certainly added to the success of my visit.

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