End of the day in Deerfield

We spent quite a bit of time at Magic Wings. More than I think either Nancy or I had expected but since it was such a long drive, it’s nice that it kept us all interested. We had passed a dinosaur exhibit on our way but we spent so much time at Magic Wings that we didn’t have time to go back there. Alex, who loves Dinos was disappointed but was appeased when we told him where we were headed next.

Our last stop was Richardson’s Candy Shop. Nancy wanted to  pick up some chocolates for the kids’ Easter Baskets and Richardson’s would make them kind of special.

We found the store right down the road and oh, it smelled so good in there!

The Yankee Candle Flagship store is also near here but we just didn’t have time to stop. It was almost 5pm and we were looking at a 2 1/2 hour drive home. So candy in hand we started back. We didn’t take the highway this time because of all the traffic jams we had passed on the way over. Most of those backups were due to road construction so we really didn’t want to take the chance that they would still be  there. That could double our travel time.

The alternative was to take RT 2 or RT 2 A, which is the Mohawk Trail. I would have liked 2 A as it is wonderfully scenic but to appreciate it you need time to stop and explore and time was what we didn’t have. So RT 2 it was.

It was still a beautiful drive. We passed a huge trestle train bridge and a large roiling waterfall. Long stretches of white water boiled in the river that ran alongside the road. Of course since I was driving I couldn’t take any pictures. I promised myself a return “Photography” trip.

We were almost home when the “hungries” started so we made one last stop, this time at McDonald’s where we took a bathroom break and picked up fast food dinner.

We arrived back at Nancy, Alex, and Dawn’s home tired and  in the dark  but satisfied that it was a good day.

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Ahh I wonder where I’ll end up next 🙂

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