Patriots Day

Editor in Chief

Good Morning everyone. Editor-In- Chief Rocky here.  It’s very early but I wanted to give you all an update. Dusty has left the premises…yup, just like Elvis, she has left the building. Her office wanted her to work the 2nd shift today but when they found out what time she was getting up to drive to Concord they told her never mind. Can’t have her falling asleep at her desk!


The weather report is for a nice day today. It’s too early to tell right now if they are going to be right or not. The sun hasn’t even come up.We’re hoping it will be a pleasant day and that Dusty will get great pictures and have lots to share. After all she is certainly making the effort on this one!

 Did you know that she is not a morning person? Getting up before 4 am is pure torture for her. Give her a choice of sunrise or sunset, there is no choice. She’ll go for sunset every time! About the only time she drags herself out like this is to catch a plane when she travels. Then she consoles herself  that she can go back to sleep on the plane. Not so this time. She’ll have to stay awake all day now. I told her I would be happy to keep her up all night playing with the mousie but she didn’t appreciate that suggestion. I just thought it might be easier if she didn’t go to bed at all. She used to stay up all night when she was younger.

 Oh oh am I telling tales? I guess I better sign off this post. I think I’ll go take a cat nap. Wake me when Dusty gets back! I will want to “help” her edit any pictures she got!



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