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Hi, Scout here and I have to confess, this tip is verbatim from a weekly tip column Dusty receives. I don’t usually do this but this one was so good and covered so much that I just couldn’t think of anyway to improve on it or add to it. So I want to give credit to Ryan Davies who was sending  weekly tips up until the end of last year.  So Ryan, if you’re  reading this post, how ’bout sending us some more tips!



In-flight Tips for Long Flights

So are there any in-flight tips that help to make that long, long flight…. (in coach for most of us)…. more bearable?

When we talk to people about where we’ve been or where we’re going, we often hear something like, “I’d love to go there and see that, but I just can’t stand those long flights.”

….And sometimes they’re talking about flights that are only 4 to 5 hours long!

We have a friend in New York who worked for QANTAS for years…. She used to say that she didn’t like those “short flights”…. that they didn’t give you time to set up housekeeping! She had made up her mind that since she was going to be taking long flights…. and I’m talking about 10 to 15 hours long here… that she would enjoy them.

I think much of the time, whether you enjoy your flight or not depends on your state of mind. That goes for all of travel. If you look for the positive, that’s what you’ll find most of the time.

But let’s look at those long flights. What can you do, and what should you do to survive them.

The first in-flight tip you’ll read anywhere is drink lots of water and juices…. I know, then you have to fight the lines for the restrooms…. but drinking lots of water will keep you more hydrated in that dry aircraft cabin air… and you should be getting up and walking around every so often anyway.

Avoid drinking alcohol. I know, you’re on vacation, and maybe it helps you unwind. You may even think it helps you sleep… but the fact is it dehydrates you, and if you have too much, it disrupts your sleep. You may fall asleep at first, but then you’ll wake up and feel worse. If you want to celebrate your trip with a drink… limit it to one, and remember what we said about drinking lots of water!

Do exercises in your seat…. almost all the airlines give you tips on these. Try them out. The exercises and the walks to the restrooms will help prevent deep vein thrombosis…. you may have heard it called economy class syndrome. It’s rare, but you might as well do what you can to prevent it. Those exercises will make you feel better when you land anyway.

Try to sleep. Dress comfortably for your flight. Avoid tight fitting clothes. (I have to offer an opinion here… we think you can dress comfortably and still look nice.) Use a mask and earplugs if that helps. Take one of those neck pillows if it will help you get more comfortable. Some people take sleeping pills or melatonin. Others just take over-the counter sleeping aids. I’m lucky. I’ve never had a problem sleeping on a plane.

Take a book or something to entertain yourself. Even if you do sleep, you’re not going to sleep for 10 or 15 hours. Airlines offer movies and music on their long flights. More and more offer movies on demand, so you can find something you like.

One last in-flight tip… we try to avoid caffeine until the end of the flight… then we figure we’ll need a little boost to get us going through customs and get on with the trip. We’re always glad to get there too, but those long flights won’t keep us home!

Dusty likes those tips, especially the one about sleeping. That woman can fall asleep on any plane. The minute those engines begin to hum, Dusty’s eyes start to close!

For those brief times she’s awake a good novel or a Suduko book is all that she needs to keep her occupied.  So here’s to happy traveling and not letting those long flights keep you from seeing those places you’ve only dreamed about.

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