Reservation time~ Grand Canyon

Oh boy…It’s time to start booking the trip we all planned over the last couple of months.

My sister and I are going to conference call on Tuesday to get our flights. Last time I checked there was a big difference flying out of Harford instead of Albany. I was surprised by that because there usually isn’t that big a difference.

If we fly out of Hartford we have to deal with 2 cars and a room. If the savings are enough it’s something to consider but the rates were changing hourly. I was checking them on my web page… and on  and of course, It will be interesting to see what the fares are on Tuesday.

I want to start lining up the tours we want to do too. Grand Canyon Railroad with the Rim tour and lunch was one and the Bottom of the Grand Canyon was another.

Verde Canyon Railroad followed by the Blazin’ M dinner show is also a definite so we want to lock up those reservations too.

I just know this is going to be a great trip!

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