Back to Connecticut Chasing Eagles


Editor in Chief

Dusty Roads, the author of this blog is on her way to Haddam, Ct this morning. She’s giving the eagles of Connecticut another chance to let her get a picture.

This time she’ s taking a river cruise with a group called River Quest.

The weather is supposed to be clear but bitterly cold so on the water she is going to freeze. She has her hat, ear muffs, super thick gloves (lot of good they will be when she’s using the camera), turtle neck shirt, fleece vest, insulated “hoodie” and winter jacket..she’s layered all right!

 Map quest says it’s a 2 hour drive and but it’s RT 95 and rush hour so Dusty is allowing an extra hour to get there.

Good Luck, Dusty. Can’t wait for your report!

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