Getting Lost in Rhode Island

If you’re going to get lost anywhere I guess Rhode Island is a good place since it isn’t very big. Sooner or later you’re bound to see something you recognize. I was headed down to the Audubon Society Environmental Education Center. Now that’s a mouthful.

I used map quest since I don’t have a GPS nor did I have a RI map. To add to the problem my printer is being temperamental and printed out blank sheets so I hastily scribbled the directions and set off. According to Map quest it should take me about 40 minutes.

The first leg was pretty easy and I made good time. The problem came when I found my last turn…RT 103. According to my notes it was supposed to be RT 103/114 and I would end up on Hope St. There wasn’t any RT 114 and the street name was Child. I took it anyway and did see a sign for the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary. Different name but close enough except that that was all I found, just the sign.

However as I was driving around I came down to the water and there were a bunch of ducks and a swan so I pulled over and got out. I parked on the side of the road and followed the shore. I found more birds and gulls and loads of sea shells.

 It was pretty chilly and windy but I was so engrossed that I didn’t realize it until I turned around to walk back to the car.

A little farther on the road moved back to the coastline and I saw some more swans. I pulled over where a stone wall bordered the water. One of the swans was floating next to what appeared to be another dead swan, probably it’s mate. That was so sad. It’s been a harsh winter all around. There was another pair of swans out in deeper water but this one made no move to join them, instead it stayed right next to the dead swan as if standing vigil.

I decided to backtrack and see if I could find RT 114. Once I located it I followed it past Roger Williams University to the Mt. Hope Bridge. It was afternoon by this time and the bridge looked wonderful. I pulled over in a little parking area and took some pictures of the bridge. It looks like there’s a sidewalk so maybe I can walk up the bridge and get pictures from the top. I’ll wait for a little warmer day for that.

Turning around I headed back home. The sun was sinking and the moon was rising so I took the opportunity to experiment with different settings on the camera for the clouds and sky. There’s quite a difference in color depending on what settings are used. I may not have found what I was looking for but I had a nice afternoon anyway.

I’ll try to find the Audubon Center another day.

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