The Bottom of the Grand Canyon

A couple of days ago I mentioned the Native American Journey’s website and the Bottom of the Canyon tour.

Grand Canyon

The Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Take a spiritual journey to the depths of one of America’s most breath-taking sites. You will enjoy songs, hear legends, and learn about Native concepts and philosophy. An amazing photo opportunity – see the Canyon from the bottom, enjoy the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon caverns – a complete Native American experience! Lunch is included



Grand Canyon




At that time I said I would have to call for more information on how we get down into the canyon and back up again. So I took a moment to call.

I reached a very nice man who said he wasn’t the owner,  just one of the drivers and he was covering the phones. We discussed the Bottom of the Canyon Tour and he said it was great. He raved about the tour guide who is a geologist, naturalist and expert on Native Americans and their history in the Canyon. He got a pretty good laugh when I asked him how we would get into and out of the canyon. I don’t think he had ever gotten that question before. Turns out there is a road down to the bottom and our guide will drive us down and drive us back.

I told him we were “older women” and that I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t be way too strenuous for us. He assured me it wouldn’t be. He said he hadn’t taken the tour himself but that he had discussed it at length with the guide. He also said he has climbed down the canyon and that the Bottom is really something that should not be missed. By the time we were done talking he was saying he thought he’d actually take the tour himself now. LOL He rated it the best of their tours.

From the South Rim

We also discussed the Monument Valley tour and he said “it’s nice: but it was clear from his tone of voice that he was way more enthusiastic about the Bottom of the Canyon tour than the Monument Valley one so I’m glad I called. Now we’ll have to rethink think this.

He said Monument Valley is a long drive but that on the tour they will explain a lot and all we have to do is sit back and listen. It’s just so hard to choose. I hope my co-traveler will have some preferences to help with the decision.


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