Prairie Dog Update

Editor in Chief

I wanted to announce the name for the Prairie Dog today but we have a 3 way tie!

The names that made the final cut are: Whiskers, Scout, and Flower.

An editorial team is reviewing the results and will make an announcement of the final winner  next week. Stay tuned. Feel free to add your comments.

Prairie Dog with Flower

Whiskers, Scout or Flower?????

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0 Responses to Prairie Dog Update

  1. Sandra says:

    Well you can say he is a scout since he is looking to see what is around him. Also Flowers since he seems to like them. There I narrowed it down to two. LOL

    • Dusty Roads says:

      One of my co workers said the skunk in Bambi was named Flower because he liked them so she thought the Prairie Dog should be Flower too. But I like Scout too. It’s a more “western” sounding name. Like Tonto’s horse.