Bucket List, Sedona~ ”The Possibles”


Grand Canyon

Then we have a list of “possibles”. If yesterday’s list was the main course, then this is a list of “side dishes”.

Now understand that this list is one I have put together from reading brochures, searching the internet and my own past visit. This is very much open to change and I know we won’t have the time to do everything. If compared to cruising,  yesterday was the cruise and these are “excursions” to pick from.

Slide Rock

“The Possibles”

  • Native American Journey’s…”Visit the bottom of the Grand Canyon”
  • Wineries tour
  • Montezuma Castle National Monument
  • Tuzigoot National Monument
  • Slide Rock Park
  • Take a day tour (drive tour)

         Grand Canyon Loop

         Flagstaff Loop

  • A longer Road trip to Monument Valley
  • Meteor Crater
  • Petrified forest
  • Spa day/massage
  • Vortex tour
  • Sunset Crater
  • Jeep tour
  • Lowell Observatory

Meteor Crater

I’ll be looking for feedback on this one for sure. What do we pick from the list or have I missed anything that can be called “Not to be missed?”

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0 Responses to Bucket List, Sedona~ ”The Possibles”

  1. Sandra says:

    Monument Valley, Flagstaff loop, Lowell Observatory, The spa day/massage That really sounds good, anything to do with the Native Americans. I would love the Native American Journey’s…”Visit the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but I don’t want to go to the bottom. NOPE, no way. Maybe 40 years ago. LOL

    • Dusty Roads says:

      Well I can see you aren’t going to make this easy for me LOL. Ok I have one more post of things that are available but I don’t think they will interest you, still I’m tossing them into the hat. Then I’ll start sorting out an Itinerary..subject to change of course 🙂