Bucket list Sedona ~ take 2


Ok Here’s the NON-NEGOTIABLE List:The trip to the Grand Canyon on the railroad with the rim tour will be a full day. The 2nd trip will be for the IMAX film and some exploring of the canyon on our own.

Williams Station


Verde Canyon Railroad is an afternoon and is combined with the Blazin’ M dinner show.

Verde Canyon Tarin

The morning is open although we want to go to the Blazin’ M before the train ride too because there isn’t time to browse the Old Time town exhibit and shops after the train ride.

Blazin "M" Dinner Show


The Cowboy Cookout and trail ride is a mid afternoon and evening leaving the morning free.

M Diamond Ranch

Getting Ready for the Trail Ride

The Sedona trolley will be the first thing we do on Sunday.

Sedona Trolley

 After all their motto is :The Best First Thing To Do in Sedona, Arizona. I think that first day is a great day to get familiar with our surroundings, do some shopping and browsing in Upper Sedona and in general stay close to the condo. Shake off any lingering travel weariness.


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  • Grand Canyon Railroad and Rim Tour
  • 2nd day at Grand Canyon with IMAX Movie
  • Verde Canyon Railroad
  • Blazin’ M Ranch & Dinner Show
  • Trail ride: Sedona Cowboy Cookout…M Diamond Ranch
  • Sedona Trolley


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