Bucket List~ Sedona

Some things are just a given for this trip and others are up for discussion or negotiation. Plus you may provide some suggestions that will change our plans.

Here is where we are right now.

We are booked into the Sedona Summit. Check in is a Saturday and we will check out the following Saturday. The room type is a 2 bedroom “lock off” which is nice. If it’s anything like the “lock off” I had in Florida it will give both Sandy and me a lot of privacy.

We haven’t booked our flight yet but one of us will have to drive to meet up with the other. I will check fares from Providence to Phoenix, Bradley International to Phoenix and Albany to Phoenix and then run the results by Sandy. I expect we’ll fly out of Albany unless there’s a big saving from one of the other airports. Bradley would mean a hotel room where TF green (Providence) or Albany would just mean we stayed at one of our homes and then took 1 car to the Park & Fly which is quite a savings right there.

I flew Delta the last time I went to Phoenix but a friend of mine always flies Southwest and she said the fares are much less expensive plus “Bags fly free” on Southwest LOL. I did check their website and they have a web special that is always much cheaper than the other airlines. It will just depend on what kind of connections we can get.

When I went to Sedona in 2008 I had an early flight and arrived in Phoenix about 11 am their time. I was in and out of the airport in no time and in Sedona by 2:30. Check in time is 4pm and in 2008 that was strictly enforced . I was told to come back at 4.

My friend’s father drives a trolley in Scottsdale, AZ which is between Phoenix and Sedona so I was thinking that if we get a flight that gets us into Phoenix early, that we could take a side trip to Scottsdale, take the trolley ride with Julie’s father, I think she said he goes by “Boston Jim”, have lunch in Scottsdale and then drive the rest of the way to Sedona. Julie said the trolley trip takes you into “Old Town Scottsdale” and is well worth the detour.

Once we check in at the Sedona Summit we’ll head back out to the supermarket to stock up on whatever we want to have on hand for the week. We’ll certainly eat some meals out but it’s most cost effective to cook some at the condo.

If there’s anytime left over and we’re not too tired we might explore a little or maybe go up to the Airport Mesa to see the sunset. Usually we just kick back to “recover” from the travel.

Wow look at all the stuff I’ve written and I haven’t even started the bucket list yet.

Well, looks like that will have to be another post.J




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