The Journey Museum, Rapid City, South Dakota

The Journey Museum is a modern facility located in Rapid City. The museum is set in 7 acres of gardens. The premise of the museum is of a journey through the time and history of The Black hills. The journey begins with the Native American Creation stories before moving on to the geology exhibit, paleontology, archeology, Native Americans and the pioneers.

I confess that we didn’t spend the amount of time to do this museum justice. We were limited by the time restraints of the trolley schedule. We also only glimpsed the gardens because by now the weather was taking a turn for the worse.

The geology presentation was interesting if a bit dry. I’m sure “rock hounds” would eat it up but before long I was edging to the back so I could slip into the next exhibit.

The exhibit halls were roomy and well presented and the facilities immaculate. The next room had Teepees set up so you could actually see how the plains Indians lived. There were some holographic presentations but some of them were not functioning. Native American Artifacts and pottery were displayed in cases around the room.

We moved on to the Paleontology exhibit where the dinosaurs seemed to be alive. That was an excellent exhibit.

If I get back to Rapid City I am definitely going to revisit the museum. From what I’ve read, we missed a lot by being pressed for time.

That about wraps up our time in the Badlands. We had an early flight out of Rapid City in the morning so we grabbed the trolley back to the Dinosaur Park where we’d left the car and headed back to the hotel to pack and call it an early night.

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