Bad Notes = Confused Entries

Well I have hit a problem in my narrative. I must confess that my memory of the chronology of the trip is not sufficient to break the rest of the trip down into posts and keep the order from becoming confused.

My memory of the key points is like it was yesterday but don’t ask me what day yesterday was!

Sandy has traveled with me before and can tell you that I am diligent about keeping a journal while on vacation. This is because that before there were blogs there were scrapbooks. I would come home with all my little souvenirs, ticket stubs,  receipts and pictures and organize them into a scrap book. I’ve learned that memory is faulty especially if you don’t get a chance to put it all together right away. So I developed the habit of writing down the day’s events each night before I went to bed while it was still fresh in my mind.

Up until now I had my normal detailed entries to work from but when I turned the page to see where we went the day after Mount Rushmore…there was nothing? I found some scribbled bullet points at the end of the week but the next few days are blank. I have tons of pictures from them so I will endeavor to spins some tales about the things we did but I do not know if I got the order right. Hopefully I will not forget anything too important.

So tomorrow I’ll start with the longest dirt road in the world (my title for it. Not any official title)

In the meantime I will leave you with some more animal pictures.

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