Native Americans, Petroglyphs and Birds

As we headed out to the next stop on Krista’s tour she told us we would be going by a sacred site that the Lakota were preparing for a Ghost Dance. She told us that most white people are not allowed to observe a Ghost Dance because parts of the ritual are very misunderstood. To be invited you have to be able to prove that you have a Native American bloodline. She said that when the sanctuary was created the Lakota was given the use of the land for their rituals and celebrations.

Lakota Prayer Pole

We could drive by and we could take pictures as we go by but we can’t stop. I got a picture of the prayer pole.

Soon we were pulling up in front of a huge cliff. Krista took us up to the cliff and pointed out the petroglyphs. She said one of the “glyphs” had paint on it so it would show up better so I took a picture of the blue paint spot hoping I would be able to see them once the picture was blown up.

Painted Petroglyph

Wall carving

There were “modern” petroglyphs too, better known as graffiti but as Krista pointed out some day they will be ancient too and if humans are still around, someone will be standing there marveling at these carvings from the mid 1900’s.

On this same cliff were swallow nests and you could see the little birds in them. I took lots of pictures of these little birds. I’ve never been this close to these mud nests before.

Swallow nests on cliff face

As we pulled onto the gravel road to head to the next stop we saw a little bird run in front of the car. Krista laughed and slowed down. She said it was a Killdeer and that it would race the car. I leaned out the window to take pictures of this little bird as it ran along side us. When it couldn’t keep up anymore it flew a few feet ahead of us and then started running along all over again.


Killdeer ready to race

We were headed over to see the Spanish Mares and their stallion Don Juan when we drove into a very active prairie dog town.

Prairie Dogs

 I told Krista I’d seen lots of Prairie Dogs but had yet to get a “Really Good” picture. She said we had time to stop so pulled over to see if we could get lucky here. As if to prove that this was the best opportunity a little “dog” popped up on my side of the car with a flower in it’s mouth. Krista was yelling…”Look at that!…Did you get ? Did you get the shot?” and then he was gone back into his burrow. You be the judge…Did I get the shot?

Prairie Dog with Flower


Next time, Spanish mares and Don Juan.

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