Beggin’ Burros of Custer State Park

A big Attraction at Custer State Park are the “Beggin’ Burros”. Decended from the burros that used to take tourist to the top of Harney peak, these critters have learned that they can get hand outs from the park visitors. They are considered wild so no matter how tame they appear, approach with caution.

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0 Responses to Beggin’ Burros of Custer State Park

  1. Sandra says:

    Love the close ups. They were funny and cute as well.

    • Dusty Roads says:

      I discovered the “slideshow” by accident and thought this was a good series to try it out with. The “Begging Burros” were cute. Hard to believe they’re “Wild”. I am looking forward to figuring out more things on this platform.