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The visits to seemed to fall off this week.


The winning photo only got a total of 23 combined points. Comments were definitely off as none were left at all! Now I know everyone has an opinion. Comments are fun. :) And they count toward your favorite photo. Maybe my photos weren’t “up to snuff” this week or maybe my tags weren’t descriptive enough, or maybe everyone got spring fever and ran outside to take their own pictures.  Whatever the case, I hope you’ll help pick the winner this week  by giving us a visit.

The week 14 tallies are in. The Photo of the Week with the most hits, likes, shares and/or comments is  It Fits with a total of 23 points.

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A Really Special Lunch

It’s been pretty quiet around here. The cats play and keep me entertained. The workload has picked up as we move into the spring busy season but the vacation planning seems to be complete and I haven’t started prowling the neighborhoods yet.

reunion 012A copy

But I did have a very special lunch on Sunday. March 3o, 2013 was the day that my department at my old employer was dissolved. Go to Malden, MA or take a lay off they said. I took the lay off along with many others. The ones who stayed have the daily pleasure of commuting from south of Boston through the city to Malden in the north. Not a fun commute even on a good day.

reunion 013A copy

The thing about this department is that we were all “long timers”. I was 6 weeks away from 10 years and one of my co-workers had 25 years in. We were a family and now we were being scattered to the winds. I didn’t mind leaving the company. We were overworked and underpaid while they told us how lucky we were to have a job and what a great place to work, the party line, but I knew I would miss my friends.

reunion 024A copy

We agreed to meet  after 1 year to see how everyone was doing and so we did.  On Sunday we got together at a nice restaurant for brunch and a chance to catch up. Almost everyone made it.  One person had moved away , we didn’t have contact information for another and 2 had conflicts but everyone else was there.

reunion 027A copy

It really did feel like family. Everyone looked great. Everyone seems to be working, maybe not in their favorite job but  at least they have landed on their feet. It was a really fun afternoon. There’s talk of doing it again next year. I hope we do. It was really special.

reunion 030A copy

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Cat Prodigy

I live with a cat prodigy. It’s not easy. In the beginning it meant baby safe locks on all the cabinets unless I wanted to come home to find him sleeping on the dinner plates.

lock 001a

Then he learned to open the tri-fold closet doors. I couldn’t find a lock for those  so  a stool blocks the doors from opening now.

reunion 038

I come home to the TV flickering away when I know I turned it off before I went out and the ceiling fan…well, lets just say he even knows how to adjust the speed. I watched him with the remote just last night. After he got  the fan up to medium he went back , nosed it around and with a very deliberate paw, pressed the button for the lights, switched his tail and walked away.

He’s been typing for years. It’s how he earned the title of “Editor -in- chief”.

Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief

Today he discovered a new trick. He took a selfie with my cell phone. I watched him do it!

Usually he hates my phone. He’s always trying to chew on it but this time he moved it around with his paw and managed to unlock the screen. Next thing I knew the flash went off. After that he lost interest.

I checked the camera function and there it was… his very own “selfie”.


He’s a scary cat… Sometimes I think he’s smarter than me. What will he figure out next?



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The Sounds of Spring time

Birds tweeting comes to mind…but not in my neighborhood.

fun 039 copy

Today it was the revving of Harley engines on the side street by my window. At dawn…grrrr

Project 365#257 010 copy

That is my only complaint with motorcycles.. the noise…or maybe it’s not the bikes themselves but the inconsiderate riders who like revving the engines so early. When they actually pulled out the noise level wasn’t bad.


The other sound of spring also started today :(  Ach, ach, ach…the lovely sound of a cat barfing a hairball. Yup shedding season is upon us.



Somewhere it all that noise a bird has to be singing , right?

may7 054 copy

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Maui Wowie

You remember how I said once you book a trip you start to hear about the location all the time? It’s true. Since booking the trip to Tennessee I’ve seen ads for Tennessee Whiskey and an article about the Chattanooga Train Museum.


And Las Vegas made the news. They just opened a huge Ferris Wheel, the World’s tallest!  There are 28 glass enclosed gondolas that are fully air conditioned. A full rotation takes 30 minutes.

las vegas

Now I’m wondering if I should start thinking about Hawaii again. Actually I never stop thinking about Hawaii. I love it there but I have delayed a return trip in hopes of seeing more of the as yet un-visited states. But along with the Tennessee and Las Vegas news I keep finding things about Maui, HI.

A humpback whale breachs off the coast of Maui, with a double rainbow.

Last night Wild Hawaii was on Nat Geo Wild. It was all about the ocean around Maui and a large segment concentrated on the humpback whales that migrate to Hawaii to give birth and mate. The show was filled with shots of whales breaching and fins slapping.


That show was followed by another episode but this time about surfing. After the show covered California surfers it segued into “Jaws” and not the shark. Jaws is what they call the huge waves that roll into Maui, HI. in the winter each year. Championship surfing at it’s best.


I picked up another magazine and the feature story was “The Road to Hana”.


Then the science channel had a show about volcanoes and Haleakala was discussed.


Seems to me the universe is lining up to entice me back to the Aloha State. Something to really look forward to.  :)


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I’m Late


I know I’m late with today’s post.



To be honest, I had a cram packed full day yesterday and didn’t have time to even think of a topic.


But I’ll put my thinking cap on and try to get us back on track for tomorrow.



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Dazed and Confused

As I mentioned recently Smokey is in his senior years. He is 17 as close as we can figure.

smokey 002a copy

We’ve had a few health scares in recent years as he tries to age gracefully but his newest issue is upsetting the whole household.

We think, that’s the vet and me, that he may be getting a little senile. It started a couple of months ago.  At first it was only occasionally at night, always after I’d gone to bed (of course). I’d be awakened by this horrible caterwauling. I’d get up only to find Smokey in the bathroom, sometimes in the tub, crying at the top of his lungs. I don’t know if he liked the way the tile amplified the sound or what but he wouldn’t “snap out of it” until I touched him. Then he’d seem to refocus on me  and start purring. Over the course of the past few months these episodes have become more frequent and no longer confined to the nighttime. On the good side, a word from me will now snap him out of it instead of having to physically touch him.

After a complete physical the vet confirmed that there was no medical reason for this behavior so we concluded it was Feline Alzheimer, not uncommon in senior cats.

Since this behavior has sprouted Smokey actually seems happier. He wanders around the house purring at the top of his little lungs. He doesn’t seem to mind Buddy any more. (That had been a bit uneasy) and he seems to have more confidence.

Maybe that increased confidence is what started Smokey  competing with Rocky for the spot under the heat lamp. Maybe he gets cold easier since he’s lost weight and is the “old man”. I don’t know, so although Rocky doesn’t like it , we’re dealing with it. Rocky frets and paces but doesn’t force Smokey down. If Smokey stays there too long Rocky just gives up and takes the other cat tree or occasionally takes Smokey’s old perch. The point is, they seem to have worked it out.

crankypants 001 copy

But now, just this past week, Smokey has decided to take on Buddy.

Why this is strange is because cats are by nature territorial, even if the territory extends no further than the end of the couch. Each of the cats  has a “spot” they call their own. Rocky’s was under the heat lamp, Smokey’s was one level up and the top spot or “crows nest” was empty. When we got Buddy he simply went to the empty spot and made it his own. For the past year that’s been the hierarchy and there’s been no conflict.

CATS2014 024 copy

A couple of nights ago I  went to my “spot” at the end of the couch and Buddy was there! That was a surprise.

april fool 005a copy

Usually none of the cats sleep in my seat. It’s like they respect it as mine. Then it occurred to me that a few days before I’d almost sat on Smokey because he’d curled up there and his gray fur blended with the gray couch. So I started looking for Smokey and there he was … in Buddy’s spot in the crow’s nest!

april fool 004a copy

I patted Buddy and told him not to worry, Smokey would give it back soon. Then I sat down on the bench where I had a small throw for the cats and got out the cat nip. Buddy moved over immediately. About 15 minutes later Smokey moved down to his normal perch and all was back in order.

Zebra 004 copy

This morning I heard hissing and the blinds rattling and Smokey was back up in the crow’s nest. Buddy had climbed the cat tree to try to get in and Smokey was under siege. Even weighing 7 lbs less than Buddy and with no claws, Smokey won the day. Buddy moved down to the middle perch where Smokey usually relaxes.

kitty 001a copy


Not too long after his victory Smokey gave up  top spot and wandered over to the food bowl. Buddy didn’t miss his chance to reclaim his “spot” of choice. Smokey seemed to have forgotten all about it.

I can see life will be interesting as Smokey’s condition advances and disrupts the balances among the 3 cats.







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