Another Saturday Gone

Another Saturday gone

Sounds like a good title for a country song to me. Its hard to believe that another Saturday has slipped through my fingers and I haven’t done anything interesting to talk about. Who knew that finding topics of interest to share would be so hard?

Where did the Day go?

So let’s see, where did the day go. How did the time get away from me?

  • 8-11 am  Wait for the Fire Department to come by for our annual fire inspection.


  • 10:20 take Rocky to the Vet for his annual wellness check. He’s a senior kitty now so this is even more important. Besides he really needed a “mani/pedi”.

His claws were turning into samurai swords!

  • Lunch and a hair cut.
  • Top off the gas tank and get the car washed. Get all that sticky tree sap off the hood.
  • Stop off at Walmart and Big Lots to see what kinds of boats/kayaks they have a how much they cost.

By then it was 3:30 so I checked out cat trees for Rocky.

Why does Rocky need another cat tree?

My silly kitty won’t go on the old cat tree that he used to share with Smokey and Buddy.

He hasn’t been on it since Buddy passed away. I’ve tried catnip spray, hiding treats on it, toys but he just sniffs it and hops down. I thought I’d get him a new one to see if he’d have any interest in something with no other cat scents.

I’ll set the big one on the porch for now.

Weekend Project

With Memorial day Weekend coming up I have decided to complete the long side tracked catification of my back porch/ deck. I have the lattice work to set up and just need to pot some catnip. It will serve to entertain Rocky and keep the mosquitoes away at the same time. Maybe after 10 years of living here I will finally be able to use my deck.



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10 Reasons You Might Need A Vacation

Springtime in the New England Real Estate Market

Spring is a crazy, busy time of year for us in the New England Real Estate world. New England has one of the most seasonal markets in the US.  I’ve been clocking long hours, OT almost every night and breaking my own rule of No Work on Weekends! My boss questions me about burn out once or twice every week.

Burn Out Is Real

In my younger years I didn’t believe in burn out. I scoffed at those who complained they were suffering. An excuse to slack off I said! Wimps! But of course I was wrong. Science has proved it and I have suffered from it myself.

Do You Suffer From Burn Out?

Do you need to take a vacation? AAA thinks you do if you meet only a couple of the 17 signs they list on their web page. I looked over their list and here are my top 10 reasons to take a break.

  1. The weekend arrives but you are too tired to venture out for local adventures.
  2. You daydream about all the places you want to go and things (fun things, not lawn mowing) you want to do.
  3. Wonder how those people on the Travel Channel manage to take all those fabulous vacations.
  4. You can’t seem to focus on any one task for long.
  5. Getting home at the end of the day is a single minded obsession.
  6. Forgetfulness abounds. You can’t even remember what the string on your finger was supposed to be for!
  7. Are you on edge? That’s one of my first indicators. My team starts finding me scary!
  8. Watch out for over eating (or binge drinking). What happened to that jumbo bag of tootsie rolls? More potato chips anyone?
  9. No one is posting on your social media accounts, not even you! There’s nothing exciting going on.
  10. Your Life revolves around going to work, paying bills and sleeping. Get up and do it all again.

What’s the Verdict?

So how did you score? Did you even read it or did you park yourself in front of the TV and cry over vacation commercials? Those palm trees and sandy beaches are calling you. It’s almost a physical ache.

Do yourself, your family and your work a favor. Take that break. You’ll come back refreshed, more productive and maybe even with an attitude adjustment. Just be sure to let me know where you go! I want another place to daydream about.

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Spring Has Sprung when Lilacs Bloom

Spring has sprung when Lilacs Bloom

Lilacs are one of my favorite spring flowers. From their beautiful fragrance  to their delicate blooms, Lilacs are the comfort food of the flower world. I’m blessed with a ride to work that passes everything from pruned and pampered lilac bushes to wild road-side shrubs. This time of year they are all covered in purple blooms.

Lilac Sunday

Lilac Sunday at the Arnold Arboretum was canceled because of the rain. Of the many thousands of flowers at the arboretum, only lilacs get their own special day. Most of the lilacs in the Arboretum are located at the edge of Bussey Hill Rd. The Arboretum has 369 lilac plants! If next week is nice maybe I can catch the tail end of the blooming season.

Lilac Symbolism

The lilac story actually goes back to Greek mythology. According to the story Pan was enamored of a nymph named Syringa. Pan chased Syringa into the forest. Syringa wanted to avoid his advances so turned herself into a lilac bush. To Pan’s surprise, he could not find Syringa, but he did find the shrub. A lilac shrub consists of hollow reeds. Pan cut the shrub to create the flute he is so well known for playing.

Lilac Meanings

Lilac meanings vary throughout different cultures and time periods.

  • The Celtics regarded the lilac as “magical” due to their incredibly intoxicating fragrance.
  • During the Victorian Age, the giving of a lilac was meant to be a reminder of an old love. Widows were often seen wearing lilacs during this period.
  • In Russia, holding a sprig of lilac over the newborn would bring wisdom.
  • In the United States, the lilac is the official state flower of New Hampshire and represents the ‘hardy’ nature of its people.

Lilac Symbolism & Colors

  • White lilacs symbolize purity and innocence.
  • Violet lilacs symbolize spirituality.
  • Blue lilacs symbolize happiness and tranquility.
  • Magenta lilacs symbolize love and passion.
  • Lilac, the color for which this flower is named, is a light purple that symbolizes a first love.

Lilac Facts

  • The lilac is the official flower of a couple’s 8th wedding anniversary.
  • Lilacs have one of the shortest bloom times and only flower for three weeks at the beginning of spring.
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson  loved lilacs, growing them in their gardens.
  • Lilacs belong to the same family as the olive tree.

Comfort Food of Flowers

Lilacs symbolize home to me. Growing up our driveway was lined with lilacs and there was a huge lilac bush in the middle of the yard. The blooms only burst forth in early spring and in a wink of an eye are gone. For about 3 weeks the air is fragrant each spring. No matter where I am, the scent takes me home in my mind.

Facts and symbolism provided by FTD web site

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Sunday Was Mother’s Day

Sunday Was Mother’s Day

Did you call your Mom? I’m ashamed to say I did not. I didn’t send a card or flowers or go visit. I’m a bad daughter! But I did think about Mother’s Day. What do you think…is it better to send a card late or not send one at all? It’s the old better late than never dilemma.

Mother’s Day has an interesting history.

The Travel channel has a program that you can hardly miss. They seem to do marathons all the time. The show is called Mysteries at the Museum. They ran their Mother’s Day Episode rerun this week and I happened to catch part of it. According to the show The American Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis to honor her mother and the sacrifices she saw other mothers making for their children.

Be careful what you wish for!

Once again the old adage turned out to be true. Anna Jarvis didn’t like what she created. After all her hard work to get Mother’s Day recognized as a National Holiday she grew to hate her creation. It was too commercial. She hated that florists, stationary stores and candy makers jumped on the bandwagon and  made the holiday another commercial extravaganza. She actually spent the rest of her life trying to tear down the holiday her efforts created!

Anna Jarvis’ Vision

Anna Jarvis had originally conceived of Mother’s Day as a day of personal celebration between mothers and families. Her version of the day involved wearing a white carnation as a badge and visiting one’s mother or attending church services. That was fine when it was just a local or personal celebration but it all changed once it  “went National”.

The Sad Result of Mother’s Day Success

Jarvis eventually resorted to an open campaign against Mother’s Day profiteers, speaking out against confectioners, florists and even charities. She also launched countless lawsuits against groups that had used the name “Mother’s Day,” eventually spending most of her personal wealth in legal fees. By the time of her death in 1948 Jarvis had disowned the holiday altogether. She even actively lobbied the government have it removed from the calendar.

In The End

In the end it was the charities that Anna raged against that cared for her once her financial resources were exhausted.

There are lots of other Mother’s Day traditions around the world. A short but interesting read about this history can be found at

To my Mom, there is no excuse for skipping Mother’s Day but we’ll have our own celebration in June when you join Sandy and me for our Maine Vacation!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day Wishes

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The Ultimate Massachusetts Waterfalls Road Trip

The Ultimate Massachusetts Waterfalls Road Trip

We dabbled with the Ultimate New Hampshire Road Trip.

Jackson Falls, NH

I need to make another trip back for a couple more waterfalls and a covered bridge but I just ran across this link You guessed it; The Ultimate Massachusetts Waterfalls Road Trip.

Where are these Waterfalls?

Turns out the Massachusetts waterfalls are far more spread out than the New Hampshire ones. It’s an 8 hours drive to complete the road trip not figuring in hiking times.

Doane Falls

The trip begins at Doane Falls, Royalston, moves west through the Berkshires and swings back south of the Mass Pike. # 5  on the list is Bish-Bash Falls.

Bish Bash Falls

Bish Bash Falls is the most western waterfall right on the New York border. I first heard of Bish Bash Falls last year but never found the time to go look for it. Now, with the Ultimate Massachusetts Waterfall Road trip as a guide it’s back on my radar. I have a feeling that I will need to set aside a whole day for this waterfall. The trail is a 2 mile out and back hike near Mt. Washington. and a 3-4 hour drive from where I live but it look like a pretty little falls, not Niagara but certainly worthwhile.

Glendale Falls

Glendale Falls in Middlefield, MA is described as among the longest and most powerful in the state. Middlefield is a little closer to me but still quite a hike. It’s past Springfield MA approaching Becket in the Berkshires. It’s not surpriseding that I’ve never heard of this waterfall. I’d never heard of Middlefield!

The series of comments on trip advisor ranged from beautiful little falls to creepy. We’re going to be slashed in the woods!

It will be interesting to see how I feel about it if I go.

Has Anyone been to any of these Falls?

Take a peek at the list of waterfalls and locations. If you’ve been to any of them please let me know. Are they worth the drive to get to them? I’d love to get your comments.



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The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports!

The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports

The Kentucky Derby is the premier thoroughbred horse race in the United States. Known as the Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports or the Run for the Roses, it is the first leg of the Triple Crown. The Kentucky Derby has been run every consecutive year since 1875. The horses are not the only stars of this race. This is more than a horse race.

This is steeped in Southern tradition  from the over-sized hats the ladies wear to the gallons of mint juleps that are consumed on race day.

A Little bit of History

If you are not a fan of horses or of horse racing you probably don’t understand all the fuss. But The Kentucky Derby is a Big Deal! The excitement starts 2 weeks before the actual race with the Kentucky Derby Festival. The actual race is always the first Saturday in May.

The race is restricted to 3 year old thoroughbreds who can sustain a distance of one and a quarter miles.

What is the Triple Crown?

The Kentucky Derby is the first race in the American Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness , then the Belmont Stakes. For a horse to be a Triple Crown winner it must win all 3 races.

Traditions Pay A big Role

The Mint Julep is the traditional beverage of the race often served in an ice-frosted silver julep cup. Women appear in fine outfits lavishly accessorized with large, elaborate hats that  alone can cost $500-$2000! So much money just to have a hat like Audrey Hepburn!

The Derby is frequently referred to as “The Run for the Roses,” because a lush blanket of 554 red roses is awarded to the Kentucky Derby winner each year.

Final Thoughts and Observations

I love horses and seeing them racing down the homestretch takes my breath away. Unfortunately horse racing still remains one place where women are facing extreme discrimination. It seems counter intuitive because every girl I know loves horses and recreational riding is embraced more by women than men. Also  the weight restrictions would seem to be more typical for women than men yet the few women that have tried to break the sexual barrier have been ridiculed, harassed and heckled.  Male jockeys still outnumber Female jockeys 7 to 1! I’ll still enjoy the race but I wish more women could or would break the all male barrier.

Congratulations to Almost Dreaming and his team!

(Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)


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It’s Raining but Its not Raining Men

Its Raining Men – NOT!

Its raining and the prediction is rain for the next 10 days! I guess that even though we left April behind we didn’t escape the April Showers! The flowers, trees, grass, weeds and all the other spring things are definitely blooming. Now if the rain would just stop for a day or two…on the weekend.

What’s been happening?

Aside from the rain I’ve been working. I clocked 67 hours this past week.

I was so looking forward to doing something fun this weekend and then sharing it here but mother nature had other plans. Saturday it poured until about 2 pm. Then the sun did come out. You know that yellow thing in the sky? But where could I go with only a couple of hours? Its  Kentucky Derby Day and I love to catch that race.

I’ve been watching it for years and hate to miss it. Someday I plan to attend in person. Now that would be something to write about!

More Than Work!

Ok I did more than work. I enrolled in a class that runs 5 Thursdays in June. Its how to set up and design a blog. Maybe I’ll finally get the instruction I need to Tweak this baby! I can’t wait to start the class. And one other thing happened. I got my renewed passport back, not that I’m planning any overseas trips.

I’m still fixated on the good old USA. I also picked up a renewal of my motion sickness patch so I’m ready to get out on the ocean. Look out whales and sharks!

Captain John Boats

Speaking of chasing whales, I usually go out of Plymouth, MA with Captain John. I follow them on Facebook too. His feed has been filled with great whale sightings already this spring. Even the humpbacks have started to come back. Right whales, white-sided dolphins…I can’t wait to get back out there!

Rain, rain go away

All right mother nature. I’m all for rain. Its good for growing things but can you make it rain when I’m at work or asleep at night and give me some sunshine on the weekends? Please?



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High Water at the Lower Falls of the Swift River

High Water at the Lower Falls

After leaving Sabbaday Falls I headed east on the Kancamagus Highway. The Swift River runs parallel the the Kancamgus  on your left as we headed down the mountains. The water was high and really rushing. I actually drove right by the Lower Falls because I wasn’t expecting to be able to see them right there from the road. A but further down the Kanc I found a place to turn around so I could back track.

Kayaking The Swift River

On my way back to the Lower Falls I passed a trail head with a number of trucks and vans parked by the road. Some had kayaks piled next to them but I didn’t see anyone around.  A couple of corners later I could see the  Lower Falls ahead and the kayaks were explained. There were at least a half dozen brightly colored kayaks being put in just below the Falls. They must be putting in here then kayaking downstream to meet the vans. I hurried to park because I wanted to get some pictures but in the few minutes  it took me to pull in the kayakers were long gone and out of sight.

Lower Falls Picnic area

The parking area is beautifully maintained, fully paved and lined. There is a large visitor center with restrooms. The trails are really just short paths over to the river bank. A large wooden deck extends over the river providing a great view of the falls. During low water in the summer people swim here. But clearly the wild water from the spring run off makes it too cold and the current too strong for swimming at this time of the year.

If You Go

The lower falls are not a world class waterfall by any stretch of the imagination. They are made up of a series of ledges and steps. In low water there are lots pools and beaches and people flock here to swim. It was fun to see the water volume giving these quiet, gentle falls a bit of life and energy. Definitely needs a return trip in summer or fall to see a different side of this popular destination.

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Sabbaday Falls on the Kancamagus

Sabbaday Falls, White Mountains , NH

Sabbaday Falls is a pretty little waterfall nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The trail head is located off the scenic Kancamagus Highway. A gravel pathway and wooden steps leads you to the edges of the falls. The .5 mile walk to the falls is a slight incline but not too bad. There are benches along the way to stop and catch your breath and take in the surrounding beauty of the New Hampshire wilderness.

Sabbaday Brook

The stream that feeds the falls in called Sabbaday Brook. It bubbles , burbles and roars its way along beside the trail keeping you company as you climb to the falls. The handicapped accessible trail takes you to the top where the “Best viewing” area is located. I’ve been here twice ans still don’t know where you start the handicap accessible trail. Since it ends at the top of the falls I thought I’d walk it back this time but it was closed due to ice. Looks like I’ll need a return trip to work that out.

Speaking Of Ice

Spring arrives later in the mountains. It was close to 80 in Lincoln but had dropped to the 60’s by the time I reached the parking area for Sabbaday Falls.

There was still snow  under the trees and much of the trail was covered with ice. Step carefully! I was carrying camera and tripod and one trekking pole. Believe me when I say I would not have made it over the ice without the pole.

Finally, the Falls

After a last push up the one steep section of trail I was over the top and starting downward to the base of the falls. The brook was definitely running high making the treacherous scramble to the ledge to see the falls even more slippery. I looked at the passage with some trepidation, wishing I was either younger or didn’t have a bad hip. But it was a moot point anyway. That photographer that was in such a hurry had beat me to the ledge.

He was set up. It didn’t look like his would be a quick shoot. I poked around downstream trying to get an angle that showed  the falls but no, luck and the first guy wasn’t budging.

Summertime Photos of Sabbaday Falls

Since I couldn’t get an pictures of the actual falls this time, I dug back in my archives and found a few from my visit in 2011. There will be other trips, maybe even this year.

If You Go

Keep in mind that snow melts later in the woods and spring will be a week or so behind the valley at this elevation. If you wait to go the stairs to the viewing platform will likely be open.



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