Health Update

2014 will have to go down in my personal history book as the worst heath year ever! I still haven’t kicked the shingles. They itch like crazy. To top it off I developed a pinched nerve in my left hip/ leg. It appears to be the sciatic nerve. It was bad enough that I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes and forget walking. Very painful.

I had my normal doctor’s appointment ans she gave me a topical ointment for the shingles but so far I don’t see any improvement. She also gave me a muscle relaxant for the pinched nerve and that has been a life saver. The only problem with that is that you can’t drive when taking it. It makes me sleepy but the label warns of dizziness. As a result I haven’[t been anywhere or done anything worth talking about.

I did have to go to a customer appreciation event for work. It was a very painful experience between the shingles and the pinched nerve. It was held at a restaurant in Harvard Square. As I was driving there I thought it was like driving in 3rd world country! Tons of bicyclists darting every which way and pedestrians that paid no attention to the lights.  I hadn’t been to Harvard Square in a long time and when I used to go I took the “T”.

I think it’s been about 3 weeks with the shingles so I hope they clear up soon! I’m ready to get back out and about!


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Of Furniture, Shingles and Life

I feel like I’m neglecting this page. :( I’ve so little time/energy during the week. I felt much better this week than last. I had much more energy. I wonder if the crushing tiredness was more from the meds they had me on for shingles than the disease itself. It hasn’t been too painful. The nasty rash reminded me of poison ivy. It blistered and oozed but it didn’t really hurt like I expected it to. I had one bad day when my right side from my toes to my head throbbed like a toothache. I even had an earache in my right ear. But it was just one day and some extra  strength Aleve took care of that in short order. Now the rash has scabbed over but I’m tormented by a strange kind of itchy feeling; like I have little creatures running around just under the skin. Can’t wait for my check up on Tuesday!

One thing I did decide was that I needed more comfortable furniture. My old sectional couch was just too lumpy and uncomfortable. So after almost 20 years it was consigned to the trash. Getting rid of furniture in the city is an adventure. You can’t leave it in the dumpster. You can put it by the road and the city will give you 24 hours to remove it. Cross your fingers a “picker” will grab it or you’re in big trouble.

I didn’t have those options because I couldn’t move the pieces out of the apartment by myself anyway. I felt like the moving commercial that Comcast runs where the guy calls all his friends for help and no one steps up. My friends and friends with trucks all managed to disappear this week. So I called “Got Junk” and they arrived right on time to take my old furniture and my money. But at least it was done. Now I had an empty living room until Saturday when my delivery would arrive.

furniture 003a

I had some concerns when I was told my delivery was scheduled for  6:30 AM Saturday…I live in a condo. I’m sure my neighbors would be thrilled with the bumping and banging and loud voices from the movers at 6:30 in the morning on a weekend! Arguing, begging and threatening to cancel my order didn’t have any effect. My delivery time was still 6:30 am – 9:30 am.

On Saturday  I rolled out of bed at 6:15 am and waited and waited and waited. At exactly 8 AM my doorbell rang. There were 4 movers and they had my love seat and chair in the unit in less than 10 minutes! Yes they banged and yes their voices were loud, but it was 8 am not 6:30 and it was quick!

I didn’t measure the room. I just figured a love seat was smaller than my old sectional. I was about to be surprised.

My new love seat turned out to be much larger than I planned but even though the furniture takes up more room than I expected, I love it and its sooooo comfy. I should have replaced that old sofa years ago! (PS Ignore the messy “office” in the background)



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Good bye Arthur

Hurricane Arthur swept through the region and left a lot of downed trees in its wake.

arthurThere was some flooding and if the news reports are true, a lot of boats sitting on shore now that had been moored in various harbors.

PTwn 044e

The rain has cleared out and it is a most beautiful day. The air smells fresh and clean. the humidity is gone and there’s a beautiful gusty breeze. It’s a perfect kind of day.

And I’ve had it with being cooped up! The rash seems to finally be subsiding although I expect it’s going to take a couple more days before it’s completely gone. At least now it doesn’t feel hot to the touch and I seem to be able to button the waistband of a pair of jeans.

I started out the morning checking out a few kitchen places in the area. They were closed for the holiday weekend so then I started hitting the furniture stores. I worked my way from Bernie and Phyl’s  in Raynham to Jordan’s Furniture in Avon ending up at Bob’s Discount Furniture in Randolph/Soughton.

I thought I was just getting ideas but I was really discouraged by the time I got to “Bob’s”. I knew exactly what I wanted but no one seemed to have it. Jordan’s Furniture was so crazy expensive I couldn’t get over it. I did check their outlet  section but only found recliners, no matching love seat. They had the material and style I was looking for in the discontinued lines. I didn’t see anything at all in the main store.

Bernie and Phyl’s had an adorable recliner rocker that was so comfortable that I almost bought it on the spot but it would have never lasted in my house.



It was upholstered in a nubby fabric that would have called  “here Kitty Kitty” to my cats and I would have no one to blame but myself for bringing in such a temptation.

So by the time I reached Bob’s I was vulnerable and when I found a love seat and matching recliner in chocolate brown (love that color). I was sold.

bailey_loveseat1Plus the cost of both pieces was less that the cost of just one anywhere else! I know the argument, you get what you pay for. But my $400 couch lasted 15 years and it’s just me (and 2 cats) so I expect it will last.


Oh and did I mention it’s a “micro fiber”. Soft and easy to clean and rumor has it that cats don’t like it. It’s going to be delivered next Saturday!

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Stuck at Home

You’d think that being stuck at home with these annoying shingles that I’d have plenty of time to write. Not so. I’m not sure if it’s this disease or the meds they have me taking, but I am exhausted by the end of my work day.


I finish up at 6 pm, fix dinner and by  8 pm I am falling asleep on the couch. If I’m not asleep, the ache in my back from the shingles sends me to bed so I can stretch out and once in bed ..that’s it, I fall asleep even with the TV on!


I can say I should be well rested once this is over.

For those who have asked, so far I’ve only had 1 bad day. ( Night actually) Most of the time I have a dull back ache. I joke that now the lower back on my right matches the constant ache I have on mt left. The result? I am walking better than I have in months.

I had one bad night. That night I had the back ache but also my right shoulder hurt, the rash burned and I had, of all things, an ear ache in my right ear.  I finally broke down and took some Aleve and that took care of it. When I woke up the next morning I felt better than I have since this started.

I must be on the mend because I’m getting tired of being cooped up. Shingles are not contagious so there’s no real reason why I can’t go out except that my rash is right on my waistline and my clothes hurt. Plus the rash oozes and I don’t really want that stuff on my good clothes. But I’m getting sick of being sick.

Being stuck here in the house I see everything that needs to be repaired.

The kitchen has reached the point of no return.

kitchen 001

It needs to be trashed, gutted, torn out and completely replaced. I hate to think of the expense and disruption to get it done but the plastic in the drawers is failing and can’t be replaced. To fix the drawers is to replace that whole cabinet section. I think they are the original cabinets from the 1970′s so I guess it’s time for a change.


The recliner part of my couch finally died. Another thing that’s giving up to old age. I spent about $400 on the couch back when I lived in Norwood, MA. It moved to Randolph MA with me where I spent 6 years. Then it came with me when I moved here to Taunton 7 years ago. So I’m estimating the sofa is 14-15 years old. For a discount couch, that’s a pretty long life. I’d like a recliner and a love seat to replace it. We’ll see what my paychecks look like with the bonuses I get now in my new position.


One things’s for sure, if I don’t get back to my normal routine soon, I’ll be in the poor house! I’ll be happy with the changes but my wallet will protest for the foreseeable future!


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The 4th of July

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Happy Birthday



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Swan Boats

I don’t want that nasty rash sitting there when you drop by.

Boston 066

Here’s a better picture :)

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Good Sunday Morning World

I knew I might miss a post here and there but not for the reason that occurred. I was expecting to post less because of my busy work schedule not because I got sick…sort of.

On Thursday I felt a little “off” but since I work from home it was easy to soldier on in a pair of sweats and a “T”. I didn’t have to get all dressed up for an office. Thursday night I was soooo tired As I sat on the couch I felt a little “prick” in the middle of my lower back. I thought maybe I’d gotten a bug bite. I reached behind and could feel blisters and they were damp. Poison ivy crossed my mind but it didn’t itch and I hadn’t been in the woods in 2 weeks? I was mystified.

Friday morning when I got up the rash had spread and my back ached. So now my right side hurt as much as my left side which always hurts these days. Oh Joy. :(

I decided if it didn’t go away overnight that I’d go to urgent care first thing in the morning.

Well, Saturday morning I was at urgent care by 10 am. The rash had spread and was now all around my waist. It felt tight and my back ached a lot now. It was a 2 + hour wait to be seen but eventually a very nice young woman came in with her charts. After one look she asked me if I’d been sick, had chills or a fever or ever had chicken pox as a child. No, No, No, YES! and my brain had the answer before she cheerfully announced that I had a classic case of shingles.  (sigh)


I can expect 1-2 weeks of this before the rash has run it’s course. Hopefully that will be the end of it although pain has been known to linger for up to 4 weeks. She gave me an anti viral drug that will hopefully minimize the duration. It makes me sleepy.


Although other than the pesky back ache the pain hasn’t been bad, she said that could change (Oh Great, something to look forward to) and if it does to let them know and they would prescribe something for the pain.

So far in 2014 the stars in my financial house are shining brightly but the ones in the house of health seem to have taken a vacation.

So this weekend is flying past. Another beautiful weekend is passing me by. I expect I’ll take it easy at home today so probably won’t have much to share this week. So sorry folks. I’ll post what I can :)

Lets hope this is the last heath issue for 2014.


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