Photo of the Week ~ 16

There were some close counts this week. Some of the photos were pretty colorful and that seems to make them popular. The number one photo for this week was also, in my opinion, the most colorful. With 35 combined points the week 16 photo of the week is Easter Peeps Cake.

Peeps Easster 008a copy

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A Big Day for Massachusetts

Yesterday was a big day for Massachusetts. It was Patriots’ Day.  It’s not named for the New England Patriots football team, but the other way around. It’s named for those men who fathered our nation, the minute men, the rag-tag revolutionaries that won the nation’s freedom. Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts commemorated the “shot heard ’round the world”. The Battles of Lexington and Concord which marked the start of the revolution.


A trip to the Concord Green at dawn is a trip back in history as the battle is reenacted with muskets and Red Coats. It doesn’t last long but as the smoke from the muskets roll over the watching visitors it’s easy to be transported back to that day in 1775.


Two more modern events also take place on Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts.

Since 1959 the Boston Red Sox have been scheduled to play at Fenway Park on Patriots’ Day.


But the other big event is the Boston Marathon. This is so big that some people call the day Marathon Monday. Yesterday was especially meaningful because it was the first anniversary of the Marathon Bombings. For many people it was a matter of pride to make sure this year’s running was successful, safe , special.


I was going to meet my friends and co-workers at Mile 13 in Wellesley to cheer on the runners. One of my co workers was running. What makes her run so amazing is that she has been struggling back from an injury that only a couple of months ago had her bed-ridden. I can’t quite wrap my head around what an accomplishment this is!


I ended up missing it. I had to get my business cell phone fixed so I was stuck at the  T-Mobile store all afternoon. :( Sadly I had to pull the plug on my phone. It had been struggling on life support for several months and it was just time. It was so far gone that it took forever to get the contents moved from my old phone to  the new phone but finally I was back in action. Unfortunately by then most of the runners had crossed the finish line.


The news reports state that The Marathon was a success and the Red Sox lost against the Orioles.


Life in the Hub goes on, the sun was shining and life is good!


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A Thought for Today

I could not agree more!


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Peeps Easter Cake~ The Recipe

I have received multiple requests to share the recipe for my colorful Peeps Easter Cake. I found it in Woman’s World Magazine so I can’t take credit for doing anything more than making it.

Peeps Easster 002a copy

So here it is. If you make please let me know how it came out or even better share a picture :)

easter cake

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Happy Easter


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Peeps are Here

Last year I was still working at my previous employer and that means I was going into an office every day.  We were quite a social group and often had pot luck parties. Around Easter last year we had a Spring party and I contributed a “Peeps Sunflower Cake”. Some of my long time readers may remember it.

WFO Spring 011e copy

Since I no longer go into an office regularly and when we do, lunch is usually delivered, I haven’t done any baking since Christmas. (I’m supposed to be losing weight. Just ask my Doctor). But a few weeks ago I ran across a recipe for another “peeps cake”. I cut it out and left it on the end table.

Every night I’d look at it sitting there. Some nights I’d pick it up and read it. Oh I was tempted to try it. It looked so pretty.

Well I finally gave in. The problem was that once I got into it I realized I didn’t have the right size cake pans. It’s a 4 layer cake and even if a 9″ pan worked I only had 3 pans. I could use the 9″ pans and have skinny layers or I could do the right thing and get 4 new  8″ pans. I’d already been to the store and had all the ingredients. It would be a shame to quit now.

So off to Michael’s Craft Store I went. Sure enough, they had 8″ cake pans. They aren’t cheap! But I consoled myself that I’d have them for future cakes.

I baked the cake after work and let the layers cool completely. In the morning I frosted and decorated the layers. And here’s the end result :)

Peeps Easster 002a copy


Peeps Easster 008a copy

I do love being creative!


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The Trip is Right Around The Corner

I’ve been so busy and had so much on my mind that I didn’t realize my Tennessee adventure is fast approaching. What made me think of it was an email I got from the concierge  at the resort. It was a very nice email with a list of upcoming events and directions to the resort.


One thing that I was very disappointed to learn is that the  Aerial Tram will be closed this year from April 28 through May 22, 2014 for additional scheduled preventive maintenance and updates. Of course my trip falls in that time frame :( That was something I really wanted to do.

As if to make up for taking away one attraction I ran across the Gatlinburg Space Needle.


I loved the space needle in Seattle so maybe this will be a good substitute for the Tram.  The  advertisement encourages you to  “Ride the glass elevators over 400 feet and step out to a breathtaking 360 degree view of the Smokies by day or Downtown Gatlinburg’s lights by night.”


There’s also a chairlift : Gatlinburg Sky lift. Enjoy a peaceful ride as the chairlift takes you to the mountain’s top and back, providing breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains.

Hop on from the heart of downtown Gatlinburg, and experience a tranquil escape as the Sky Lift gently glides over the Little Pigeon River and then climbs to the overlook at an elevation of 1,800 feet. The vantage point and views are unparalleled. You’ve arrived at Gatlinburg’s #1 scenic overlook!


That sounds like a must do with the camera. Nice high shots of the Great Smokey Mountains!

I may not mind the tram being down after all.

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